Monday, 1 April 2013

Sylvanian Village: Frozen in Time

As it was the holidays, my exams are over, and I have no homework, my mum let me take over the attic :)
Yesterday, me and my best friend (seven years strong now, we're like sisters) spent over seven hours setting up a Sylvanian Village in my attic. It was so much fun, and it's really rewarding after all these years of collecting to see it all set out in a village :)
Having been crawling around on the floor for seven hours, I am really not looking at my best ;) I'm on the left, my best friend is on the right.
Welcome to our village of Little Chestnut :)

From left to right:
- Tomy Canal Boat
- Tomy St. Francis School
- Primrose Nursery
- Tomy Country Cottage with Balcony (our 'hospital')
- The Old Mill
- Tomy Mansion (not sure of the name)
- Green Family Car
- Willow Hall & Extension
- Tomy Country Bus
- Highfields Farm
- Stable
- Tomy Bakery
- Orchard Cottage
- Dress Shop
- Caravan (and a little campsite but you can't see it in the photo)

And now for a grand tour of the village which has been 'frozen in time' in our ridiculously cold attic:

The village was bustling with residents, going about their daily business...

Down at the canal, raccoons Elma & his young son Ike were having a lovely fishing trip aboard the Rose of Sylvania.
'Be careful, children!' Worried Mother Puddleford the duck, as she watched her little ducklings aboard their own little rowing boat.

Vroom! Vroom! George & Mildred Mulberry whizzed past on their motorcycle!

Down at the Nursery & School, the parents are bringing their children to school.

Professor Merryweather opens up the doors and welcomes the children in at 9 am sharp.

The children work hard at school, whilst the babies in the nursery play with the kind staff.

Next to the school is the park, where the parents bring their babies to play. Walter Bullrush and Willow Thistlethorn oversee some children at the park and are always on hand to push a swing or attend to an injured child.

This is the Old Mill, which supplies the villagers with plenty of flour to bake with. Many say it's the oldest building in the village.

Bertie Honeybear has come to pick up his dearest wife Tamsie from a friends' house in his motor car, which he loves to show off as it is the only one in the village! Tamsie had a lovely time with her friend Rowena Moss, who lives in the Mansion of Little Chestnut.

Doctor Murdoch is doing his morning calls on his bike, never seen without without his medical bag! The Macavity Grandparents are enjoying their retirement as they sip their morning tea, watching the bustling village below. Mr Renard, the bus driver, is perfectly on time as always.

Things are always busy down at Highfields Farm. There's fields to plough, horses to clean out, animals to feed, and customers to attend to!

Camilla Hunter-Smyth gives some of her excellent gardening advice, whilst her husband Charles pulls the flower cart.

The market & high street are buzzing with residents doing their shopping.

There is always a big queue for the bakery, the hand-baked treats are alway delicious.

The chef gives Kitty Catwood a few secrets to his excellent baking...

Bree, Endeavour & baby Norman Norwood enjoy a light meal at the bakery with Alexandra & Clarice Bamboo, the pandas.

Pansy Chestnut picks out a treat for her two little babies.

Chester Thistlethorn is always busy delivering fresh milk to the residents.

The Brighteyes are just leaving their house to go on a morning stroll with their two newborn twins.

Whilst Abigail Bramble tries on a new pair of shoes with her dad's expert fashion advice.

Down at the campsite, many are still waking up, however Antonia Beagle & Helen Fielding have already got their maps out planning a new adventure!

Over the next couple of weeks there will be a variety of short stories coming so keep watching for the next update. It's also really nice when people comment because it's good to know that people are actually reading and enjoying your hard work :)


  1. Love it Lily! I wish I had some of your sets!!!!!! I really am looking forward to your future stories! You seem to have a gift in writing stories!

    1. Aww thanks Emma, that's so sweet of you! I just really enjoy writing them xx

  2. sylvanianfamiliesNelly2 April 2013 at 22:20

    Thats a really good idea! Theres a small secfion of my loft (attic) that i would love to turn into a village, but, our loft is too full of other junk! Nelly xxx P.S Just letting you know i've read it! ;D x

    1. My parents cleared out the loft over the weekend, so that's why there's so much room ;) thanks Nelly :)

  3. Wow! :-) It looks like hard work to place all those buildings, Sylvanians and miniature items so neatly! Great job!!

    Haha, you might have to knit your Sylvanians some coats and scarves, if it's that cold in Little Chestnut. ;-)

    1. Hehe, I do have a few coats and scarves for them, but to be honest we were so tired after setting it all up we couldn't be bothered to dress them all up ;)
      Thank you xx

  4. Wow! Awesome village! I wish I had as many as you have... I just have a couple of sets with a shoe-box house, not even a family. But I have thoroughly devoted my time to this tiny piece of sylvania, so I've made paper trees, a small stream for rowing and fishing, a road, with a bridge that goes over the sream, in case I get a car sometime in my life, and a little paddock for my horse (who is the pride and joy of my collection...). Please note that all of this is made out of either cardboard or paper. Except for some bushes, which are made out of polystyrene. Thankfully, I have a Japanese friend who lives close by so I borrow some of her sylvanians to make my scene more lively!

    WHOOOPEEEE!!! Can't stop bouncing around the room! I've just bought the Fielding Mice family! (If this is how I act when I've just bought it online, how will I look when it actually arrives??? :D ) So happy!!!!!!!

    1. Oh I do love the Fielding Mouse family, they are ever so cute :)
      Your village sounds amazing! And thanks :) xx

    2. OH NO!!! The shop says they messed up on the computer so they don't have the Fielding Mice! Which one should I get instead? They don't have a very wide range, but they're a bit cheaper than normal. Here's a list, and I've added names to as many as I could remember:

      Chocolate Dalmatian Family
      Cottontail Rabbit Family
      Elephant Family
      Friesian Cow Family
      Barker Labrador Family
      Honey Bear Family
      Koala Family
      Maces Mouse Family
      Spotter Meerkat Family
      Mole Family (Don't really like these...)
      Monkey Family
      Bamboo Panda Family
      Grunt Pig Family
      Dale Sheep Family
      Golightly Silk Cat Family
      Walnut Squirrel Family
      White Mouse Family

      Can somebody advise me on which one is cutest? Thank you so much!

    3. I love the Golightly Silk Cats and the Cottontail Rabbits but it's completely up to you :) think about what animals you like xxx

  5. How nice to have a whole room for your Sylvanians! They must be so happy! My Sylvanians manage to all squeeze on top of my chest of drawers haha

    1. Thanks :) They are absolutely thrilled, even though the village will only be there for two weeks :)xx

  6. You have a fantastic collection! Great job on setting up the village! It must have taken a lot of energy!!!

  7. Please write more stories Lily they are AMAZING!!!!

  8. This is amazing! I am American and I only own Calico Critters :( Sylvanians have so many more critters and sets... This looks amazing!!

    1. Ahh, the Calico Critters range have some pretty neat stuff! Thank you :)

  9. Hey Lily, what an awesome collection! Are they all yours or do some of them belong to your friend?

    1. Thank you! Some of them belong to my friend :) although my collection has got lots bigger since this :O

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you, they are awfully sweet! My friend found them in a dollshouse shop :)

  11. Wow, I love your village, Lily, its fantastic! No wonder it took you 7 hours to build it!!
    I love all your posts and stories, they are great!!
    I am an amateur collecter and story writer, but I'm starting my own blog, yours has been a great inspiration!!
    Thank you,
    Joy ( my blog name )

  12. What an amazing collection, Lily! You have some really rare and sought after pieces and figures. I love the Grand Manor with the outdoor bathtub on the roof... gorgeous :)