Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sylvanian Shop Purchases

I went to Sylvanian Shop in London again yesterday! I've been there around eight times, and it's still just as exciting every time I go!
I got some really cool stuff, even though I majorly overspent ;) Here's my 'loot':

Sylvanian Families Shop London Japanese Flower Shop

It doesn't look much, but I spent over £50!

Village Flower Stall 

Sylvanian Families Village Flower Shop Stall

Sylvanian Families Village Flower Shop Stall

They only had two of these left, and they were discontinuing it so I was really lucky to get this! It's very cute and got lots of detail so I really recommend it if you can get hold of one!

JP Trellis & Ivy set

Sylvanian Families JP Japanese Trellis and Ivy set

I got two of these sets; one was in the 'Bargain Bucket' because it was missing the flowers, but I got it anyway because I wanted the extra ivy. It really looks great on my Willow (Beechwood) Hall & Extension. (Note: the photo only shows part of the set, I will put a photo of the full set with the ivy and baskets on Willow Hall soon)

JP Dresses

Sylvanian Families JP Japanese Dress

I bought these for the Dress Shop I'm decorating. They are both really good quality and will fill some of the spare hangers in the shop. (Note: the sets also included shoes and an accessory e.g. a bag or hat)

Dappledawn Fawn Rabbits

Sylvanian Families Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit Family

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you'll know the Dappledawn's are my absolute all time favourite family. Sadly, three out of the four family members have been chewed up by the 'hounds of Sylvania' (my two lovely dogs who have an unfortunate taste for small, chewy Sylvanians). Mine were originally the vintage ones, and I couldn't find any decent condition replacements on eBay so I decided to replace them with the newer Flair ones. My favourite figure, Tilly Dappledawn, has really faded over time. Here's a comparison between them: (Tomy on the left, Flair on the right)

Sylvanian Families Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit Sister Tomy vs Flair

The shape and size of the two figures are exactly the same, but the wear on the older Tilly is quite obvious. The newer figure is softer, fluffier, and a lot darker. It's amazing how much she's faded, and I hadn't even noticed! I will be renaming the new Tilly, and the new family will shortly be moving into Willow Hall permanently. The vintage Tilly will stay with me and come with me everywhere as usual :)

Sleepy Time Bed

Sylvanian Families Sleepy Time Bed

I didn't really need another bed, but the covers on this were so sweet, and my mum really wanted me to get it, so I just had to buy it :) (The covers need ironing)

JP Kitchen Cookery Set

Sylvanian Families Japanese JP Kitchen Cookery Set

I love the 'old-fashioned' feel of this set, it fits in perfectly with my village. It's got lots of little pieces and details.

Thistlethorn Mouse Baby

Sylvanian Families Thistlethorn Mouse Baby boy Barry

I have the 80's Tomy parents, and when I saw little Barry Thistlethorn, I knew that Chester and Willow would love a little baby! He's the 90's Flair release, but he fits in fine :) Isn't he so cute?

All in all, very pleased with my purchases :)


  1. Very nice loot! That's terribly expensive though but I guess it's what you expect with Sylvanian products :(

    I got the JP cooking set a few months ago. Absolutely love it! It's so cute and reminds me of Le Creuset set of pots and pans, down to the light green color!

    1. I agree, Sylvanians are an expensive hobby, but they beat other toys on quality and detail hands down!
      It's such a quaint set, I love the thought and design they put into the products :)

  2. Wow! Added pictures are so much beautiful and lovely!
    I just loved your Flower Shop creation, simply amazing!!

  3. hello, i have a question. what's size for the bed in centimeter ?

    1. It is 12 centimetres long and 6 centimetres wide :)
      Hope I helped!

    2. yes, thank you. the sylvanian shop in london, it's hamleys ??

    3. No it's not Hamley's, it's an official Sylvanian Families Shop. I really don't recommend buying Sylvanians from Hamley's because they sell them at rip-off prices!
      Here's the official website address for the Sylvanian Shop:
      You can find the shop's address under the "Our Shop's Address" tab in the top right hand corner.
      They're really friendly there; not only do they stock all the Sylvanian items but they're at reasonable prices too :)

  4. What a fun website! My sister and I were just reminiscing about our childhood (80s) remember having a pure white rabbit with hands that could hold things, her ears were more straight and simple, and she may have had a detachable red ribbon on her ear - and her eyes were not round but half moon shaped! Does anyone know of a competitor to Sylvanian Families that produces this? I've been searching online but can't find anything similar - it's not Maple Town.... Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

  5. Hello lily uhmm I have a question for the dappled an who is flair and to my and your gonna rename the new Tilley?