Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Decorated Dress Shop

It's been a while since I updated - sorry, life's just been very busy! The summer holiday starts in just over three weeks, and seeing as it's six weeks long, hopefully in the summer holidays I will be updating lots more.

Featured in this post is a new resident (well I say 'new' but I've had her for weeks...), who I have named Primrose Cottontail. She's a Japanese promotional figure, and I'd love to say she's rare but I really don't have a clue haha!

I (finally) finished decorating my Dress Shop! It's one of the hardest buildings I've ever wallpapered to be honest (seriously not worth the trouble, guys!).
I forgot to take progress shots, so here's the official stock image to show you what it looked like before.
And the finished product!:

I used pink Cath Kidston card as the wallpaper which was the perfect scale for Sylvanians. I'm really not a pink fan, but there was only colour that suited the shop and unfortunately that was pink. It looks kinda cute in my opinion! I would really like to change the flooring, but in the end I just couldn't decide what colour felt for the carpet (any help would be appreciated - please don't say pink though!).

I borrowed some of the accessories for something else I was doing, which is why the shop looks a little bare in places!

I changed the awful yellow changing room curtain to this pale pink spotty one which I think goes much better. I also made a little frilly lace curtain for the door.

The dress shop not only sells pretty dresses for every occasion, not to mention shoes, hat and accessories, but it also sells luxury candles and perfumes! I hate the yellow top of the table though. I plan to make a little tablecloth when I get the time.

Oh! A customer! It's Primrose Cottontail.

'I'd like to buy these shoes please, Mrs Brighteyes!' Primrose inquired.
'Of course! They match your dress perfectly.' Mrs Brighteyes beamed as she packaged them beautifully in delicate tissue paper, lightly perfumed by one of the shop's new fragrances.
'Lovely! Thank you so much.' Primrose smiled.

The front of the shop. I love how quaint the lace in the door window makes the shop look.

Luckily it sits perfectly on top of the bakery, so no space issues there. In stories etc, it won't be kept on top of it, it's just that there is literally nowhere else for it to go right now ;-)

I really recommend the Dress Shop, especially if you can get it cheap (I got mine for just £20) because it's so small and cute. Although it comes with a lot of accessories I think it should've come with more dresses. Considering it is called a 'Dress Shop', it came with two dresses and a wedding dress - very under stocked! But still, totally adorable and well worth the money :)

Monday, 3 June 2013

New blog background!

You may have noticed that I have a new background on my blog! I loved my old jelly bean background, but I finally decided that is was unrelated and unprofessional ;-)
Instead, I got my art stuff out and had a go at drawing some Sylvanians. I'd say my result was okay, I definitely can make a few improvements to it however I like the slightly rustic/hand-drawn look!
Please tell me what you think in the comments - any feedback is really really appreciated :D

There will be some more quite major changes happening to the blog in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

I apologise for the lack of a proper post, I just looked at my course work (just for Art!) for the next few weeks and nearly fainted, so I'd better start drawing what I'm supposed to be drawing! And all my other subjects...(no, honestly, I can manage ten subjects...)