Friday, 1 February 2013

Shelf Diorama

I've been really ill recently, and since I'll be bedridden for a while, I've turned one of my bedside shelves into a diorama! I knew I'd be sad without my Sylvanian Families so I've made my two favourite JP babies a little nursery!

Sylvanian Families Blog Japan JP Babies Golightly Silk Cat Furbanks Squirrel Diorama

I'm going to try and work on it whilst I am ill because it looks pretty bare at the moment! I would like to put up some cheerful wallpaper, possibly a felt carpet and a pretty little pair of curtains over a (fake) window :)
The great thing about this shelf is that my reading light is just above it so the lighting for the pictures is perfect! However you can see the screws and the bracket thing that hold the shelves up which is annoying.

Sylvanian Families Blog Japan JP Babies Furbanks Squirrel Diorama

This is my latest purchase, a JP Squirrel baby! Have you ever seen something more cute?! I've also ordered a Grey Cat baby and a Cottontail Rabbit baby, but those are from Japan so they will take a few weeks to come through.

Sylvanian Families Blog Japan JP Babies Golightly Silk Cat

And here's one of my favourite Sylvanian Families, George Golightly (JP Silk Cat baby). Just adorable:D He even has a matching teddy bear!
I'll post again when it's finished:)
I am a bit concerned about the dust though, the JP figures have really fine plush which makes cleaning them a nightmare.

For those who are awaiting Chapter 4 of the Winter Story: I've written it, but I'm waiting until I feel well enough to get out of bed before I can take the photos :)