Sunday, 31 March 2013

Repainting Shoes

My dress shop arrived yesterday! I've begun decorating it, and I'll make a post when I've finished with 'before' and 'after' images :)
One of the many accessories it came with are these shoes:

They look pretty awful, not something you'd want to see in a boutique! So I decided to repaint them because they will only be on display, so it doesn't matter if the paint makes them go hard.
I had a bit of a 'brain-wave' and I decided to paint them with nail varnish. I didn't have anything to lose because they were so horrible!

The result was a smooth, glossy finish. They now look like red patent leather shoes! No brush stroke marks and it dried so quickly.

I used Barry M regular nail polish (£2.99) in 262 Bright Red.

Sylvanian Families Fielding Mouse Family Mother

Bridget Fielding modelling the freshly-painted shoes.

They look much better now in my opinion! I was going to paint the buckles gold but my mum said they looked better just red.

Also, Happy Easter, hope the Easter Bunny bought you all lots of chocolate :)


  1. I think the shoes look a lot better now in red! Didn't think of using nail polish! Very good idea!

    1. Thanks! It's very quick to use and the results are great!

  2. Wow great idea Lily! Those shoes look better than before, great job! :)