Sunday, 19 October 2014

Afternoon Tea With Mrs Renard and Mrs Dappledawn

Roxy Renard the fox stood at the front door of the Grand Mansion, home to the Dappledawn rabbits.

Mrs Dappledawn answered the door.
"Hello Mrs Renard! Do come in, awfully chilly wind outside today," Mrs Dappledawn welcomed Mrs Renard into her home. 
"Autumn has certainly set in," Mrs Renard laughed.
"I've just put the kettle on, tea or coffee Roxy?" Mrs Dappledawn asked her, as Mrs Renard settled herself at the parlour table.
"A tea would be charming thank you, I am here for afternoon tea after all!" Mrs Renard replied.

"I better get brewing the tea then," Mrs Dappledawn said, picking up the kettle off the stove.
"Mmmn...whatever you're cooking smells divine, Theodora!" Mrs Renard commented.
"Goodness me! You just reminded me! I need to take the pie out of the oven to cool," Rushing to the oven, Mrs Dappledawn put on an oven glove.

"It's a blackberry pie for Mr Dappledawn's pudding tonight," Explained Mrs Dappledawn, excitedly.
"I only wish I could stay for dinner!" Mrs Renard smiled.
"Ah, the tea's brewed! I can finally sit down, I haven't stopped all day.." Mrs Dappledawn sat at the parlour table opposite Mrs Renard.

The two ladies talked the afternoon away; gossiping, discussing recipes and beauty products, you couldn't have got a word in edgeways!
When Mrs Renard left, they both promised they wouldn't leave it as long next time before they catch up - but they both have very, very busy lives!

Much like me - I'm afraid Sylvanians have really had to just be on the back burner of my life lately :( I have done a little decorating of houses here and there (like the kitchen in the Grand Mansion in the story), but nothing really post-worthy. I always seem to show a greater interest in my Sylvanians around the Winter period so hopefully I will post again sometime soon.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Lovely Present From a Wonderful Friend

Yesterday, I received a long-awaited gift from my dearest friend Santie! Santie emailed me a while ago to tell me she had a present for me and since then I've been very excited for it to arrive :)

The moment I saw the stamps on the parcel (all the way from South Africa!), I knew straight away what it was and opened it! 

Here is the contents of the package! Some Rooibos Tea, some sweets (how did you know butterscotch was my favourite, Santie?!), some lovely bracelets, two amazing handmade sheep, the EU Sylvanian Families bakery set and a note from Santie. 

Santie noticed that my bakery looked a little bare, and got Mr Appleblossom, the baker from her village, Rooibosch Hill to bake some goodies for Little Chestnut's bakery!

Marion Brighteyes only recently opened her bakery so she is very thankful to Mr Appleblossom for his help in stocking up the bakery :)

Santie has been a friend for quite a long time now, and she is honestly the kindest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and her loveliness is an inspiration to me! Thank you so much Santie, although I hope one day we will meet and I can thank you in person :)

Here is a link to Santie's own Sylvanian website: Lady Lollipop's Sylvanian Families, which you should definitely visit! 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Vintage Mansion, Nursery & School

Because I haven't posted on my blog in a while, I haven't had the chance to show you my new purchases!

The first thing I got (a couple of months ago), was this Grand Mansion from 2001. It was mint in box, the only things it is missing are the hanging basket in the conservatory part and the shoe-cleaner. Considering the extremely low price I paid for it, I was thrilled.

This is my next project to wallpaper / decorate / furnish so I imagine you'll be seeing it again soon :)

Next, I brought the Vintage Nursery from 1989. Again, mint in box. Not even a single accessory missing, even down to the tiny little bowls and bottles.

I absolutely love the little curtains in this, for me they make the whole building! Although, they are quite yellowed with age, so I am considering unpicking them off the rails, giving them a wash and then sewing them back on.

Finally, the Vintage School from 1988, mint in box, and as far as I can work out, with all the furniture and accessories.

It is actually so tiny and adorable! I love the way it looks like an old church. 

The school even has a little door that opens to the bell tower (the bell can actually be rung by pulling the handle!). 

I only showed the buildings with the original accessories/furniture but I'm sure you will see them in stories when I have put some other things in them too :)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy May Day!

It's been a long time (over 5 months!) since I've updated this blog, so firstly I'd like to apologise for that. Life has been very busy. Although I haven't been posting on here or the Sylvanian Families Forum, my collecting has continued and I have made several new additions to Little Chestnut. I will be posting pictures of those very soon (I really do promise this time :P ).

Also, my blog turned 2 years old! And reached 40,000 page views, so thank you very much everyone for your support and kind words :)

For now: Happy Mayday from Lily and all the Sylvanians in Little Chestnut :)

Traditionally in my village in England, girls and boys from the local school display a maypole dance every year on May 1st. It's a pretty big celebration, and most towns/villages have a fair.