Monday, 22 April 2013

Off to the Seaside!

Yesterday I went to see my grandparents at the seaside. I took some Sylvanians with me to get some photos.
After the long car journey, we all had lunch in my Grandparents' beautiful garden.
Some pretty petals had fallen off a bush, and the girls had lots of fun picking them up to make perfume.

Sylvanian Families Flower Petals Dappledawn Rabbit Fielding Mouse Buckley Deer

 Helen Fielding was wearing her straw hat to keep her head cool.

Sylvanian Families Flower Petals Fielding Mouse

Maria Buckley was collecting the petals in her little bag.

Sylvanian Families Flower Petals Buckley Deer

'This smells delicious!' Said Milly Dappledawn, holding up a big petal.

Sylvanian Families Flower Petals Dappledawn Rabbit

Next, we all went to the beach.
On the walk down, they played 'King of the Castle!'.

Sylvanian Families Fielding Mouse Buckley Deer

Then they played in the bushes and looked at the miniature flowers.

Sylvanian Families Flower Petals Dappledawn Rabbit Fielding Mouse Buckley Deer

They even found a cave! Only Maria was brave enough to go inside though.

Sylvanian Families Cave  Dappledawn Rabbit Fielding Mouse Buckley Deer

When they reached the beach, they collected lots of shells.
It was very windy and Helen Fielding had a lot of trouble standing up. Her hat protected her fur from the wind.

Sylvanian Families Beach Seaside Dappledawn Rabbit Fielding Mouse Buckley Deer
In this one my dad is in the background throwing a stick for our dogs, haha :)

Sylvanian Families Beach Seaside Dappledawn Rabbit Fielding Mouse Buckley Deer

Milly Dappledawn and Maria Buckley looked out to the sea

Sylvanian Families Beach Seaside Dappledawn Rabbit Fielding Buckley Deer

We had a lovely day at the sea! It was really fun to take photos of Sylvanians out and about - what do you think? Do you prefer posts like these or stories? Tell me in the comments below!
I know that it is actually Tilly Dappledawn, but I have named this figure Milly because I have two Tilly figures :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

One Year Anniversary!

Wow, I can't believe it! It's been a year (and a couple of weeks, sorry I'm a bit late with this post) since I started this blog. Looking back at my collection, I have brought rather a lot of Sylvanian Families in the last year - more so than ever before. I have plans to collect a lot less, but I'll talk about that in another blog post soon.

Logged onto Blogger and I was amazed!

I hit 10,000 pageviews a couple of days ago, which I am absolutely thrilled about! When I started this blog, I was mainly writing things for my own enjoyment and only expected a few members from the Sylvanian Collector's forum to have a quick look, and now, I get over a hundred views a day! I honestly never imagined I'd get a thousand views!

I'm so grateful to everyone who reads my blog, looks at my pictures, follows me, and leaves comments - you guys really do make my day, everyday :)

Also, thanks to my family who put up with my constant chatter about Sylvanians, and allow me to practically turn my room into a toy store!

Last month I also celebrated my 9th year of collecting Sylvanian Families! Everyone I knew always thought I'd grow out of them - but I never did ;)

I didn't really know what to do (I may do a giveaway or competition next year), so here's a few cute photos:

Skimble Macavity, Ray Furbanks & George Golightly - these little guys are literally as cute as Sylvanian Families get! They sleep on my bedside shelf every night ;) (My precious little babies always cheer me up at the end of a hard day)

Little Ray is always a good boy and falls straight to sleep when I tuck him in - if Skimble isn't making a fuss, that is.

'But Mummy, I'm not tired, I could play all day,' Skimble yawned.

And George is as filthy as ever, although it's not his fault. When I had my exams three weeks ago, I was very, very nervous and bringing little George (No.1 Sylvanian along with Tilly Dappledawn) helped me relax and focus during my exams. 

Unfortunately, I have got into habit of taking him everywhere and he is completely plastered in dust and fluff from my pocket :( 
The problem with JP figures is that their fur is much softer and denser than UK Sylvanians, making him near impossible to clean without accidentally pulling out his fur.

You may remember a while ago in the post 'Shelf Diorama', I mentioned I'd ordered some new JP Sylvanians from Japan. Sadly, they never arrived :'( 
I think you have to remember that it would be very easy for such a little parcel to get lost when it's travelling so far away. I will order them again soon, but I want to make sure they don't turn up after months because I don't want duplicates. Here they are anyway:

They would of looked so adorable on my shelf, and I'm sure they would've got on brilliantly with Skimble, Ray and George. However, I will get them at some stage, when I have a bit more money to spare.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the photos! I really like doing posts like these with just a few fun/silly photos because they are a lot more enjoyable to take :)

Thanks again for reading!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Sylvanian Village: The Bus Journey

One lovely, sunny day, the Buckley Red Deer family were going on a picnic.
Agatha Buckley had got up early and had prepared a delicious (if not huge) picnic lunch for them to enjoy.
Soon everybody was ready to leave.
'Don't forget your cardigan, Maria, it'll be chilly on the bus!' Reminded Mother as she put the babies in the pram. As their was only one motorcar in the whole village (and that belonged to the richest family in town up at the Mansion), the Buckleys would be catching the bus to their favourite picnic spot by the lake just over Chesnut Hill.
'Come along now children, hurry up and get your shoes on, the bus will be at the stop soon!' Mrs Buckley panicked.

Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family

All carrying armfuls of picnic blankets and food, they ran to their nearest bus stop, where the bus had just arrived.
'Why hello Mrs Buckley, going on a picnic, I see?' Mr Renard the fox smiled. 'Here, Mr Buckley, let me help you get the pram onto the bus,'.

Sylvanian Families Bus

There wasn't much room on the bus, because it was 'rush hour' in Little Chestnut, but the Buckley children soon found their favourite seats at the top of the bus and sat down with their mother.

Sylvanian Families Bus Buckley Red Deer Family

'That engine doesn't sound too healthy, Mr Renard,' Mr Buckley said, frowning.
'I know, it's been like this the last couple of days,' Mr Renard sighed. 'The bus isn't used to this much work - it's so busy because it's the school holidays!'
The bus was indeed very busy, all the seats were taken, Mr Buckley had to sit next to the driver!

Sylvanian Families Bus

'Everyone aboard the bus?' Mr Renard called out. 'This bus will be stopping at Chestnut Hill, Lake Chestnut, Chestnut Woods, and finally back to Little Chestnut, at this bus stop,' Announced Mr Renard. He revved the poor bus into action and began driving out of the beautiful village.
After around twenty minutes, they reached the bus stop at Chestnut Hill. Unfortunately, no-one got off the bus at Chestnut Hill, meaning the bus had to drive up the steep hill completely full!

Somehow, and Mr Renard did not know how, they reached the top and began the drive down the long road down the other side of the hill. Because they were going downhill, the bus continued to go forward for a while, before stopping at halt with a BANG!
Everybody on the bus stopped busily chatting and looked down to Mr Renard for an explanation.
'I'm sorry everyone, the bus has broken down!' Exclaimed Mr Renard, in desperation. 'I'll have to walk back to the village to get some help!'

Sylvanian Families Bus

'Don't be silly, that would take you almost a day-' Mr Buckley exclaimed.
'We haven't really got much of a choice-' Everyone on the bus began bickering.
'Everyone, your attention please!' Shouted Dr Murdoch. 'It's alright, I've brought my bicycle!' He continued on, explaining. 'I can cycle down to the village, and get Mr Moss to come in his motor car to help us,'
Sylvanian Families Doctor

'That's an excellent idea, Dr Murdoch!' Mr Renard nodded.
'I'll be back in around an hour and a half then,' Dr Murdoch said.
'What are we all supposed to do in the meantime?' Exclaimed an elderly passenger (Laurette Macavity) at the front of the bus behind the driver's seat.

Sylvanian Families

'That is a very good point,' Said her friend, Mabel Periwinkle the rabbit, looking at Mr Renard over her glasses.
'Oh I know!' Mr Buckley turned to Mr Renard. 'Do you have the picnic bench with you?'
'Of course - it's just at the back of the bus,' Mr Renard said, inquisitively.
'My wife has a huge picnic with her, they'll be enough food for all of us,' Mr Buckley smiled.
'What a grand idea!' Said Mabel Periwinkle.
'I do fancy a picnic, don't you Mabel?' Laurette Macavity wondered.
'Everyone! Dr Murdoch is going to cycle back to the village and get Mr Moss to come and help in his motor car,' Explained Mr Renard. 'In the meantime, the Buckley family have offered to share their huge picnic with us all!' The bus was full of excited chatter.

Sylvanian Families Doctor and Bike

Dr Murdoch pedalled off whilst Mr Renard and Mr Buckley got the picnic benches. Mrs Buckley had also bought a large amount of picnic blankets, so there was lots of room for everyone.

Sylvanian Families Bus Fox

Mrs Buckley began to unpack the picnic.

'You've got enough to feed a small army, Mrs Buckley!' Mr Renard and the Buckleys laughed.
All the passengers had a delicious lunch of sandwiches, fresh fruit, biscuits, cake and various other delicious treats.
Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Baby

Baby Lily Buckley was fast asleep in the pram.

Soon they saw the green motor car in the distance. It was Mr Moss and Dr Murdoch, here to save the
day :)

Mr Moss neatly pulled over, and they got out of the car.

'You shouldn't of let the bus run today, Mr Renard,' Mr Moss said, disapprovingly. 'I've managed to patch it up for now, but that bus needs some serious repairs. Expensive repairs,'
'Yes, well, I'll go and see the Mayor when we get back,' Mr Renard said, uncomfortably.

'Well, it's certainly going to cause some chaos for all of you without a bus,' Mr Moss silkily said. 'Luckily for me, I have the latest Austin motor car,' And with that, he started his motor and drove off, very speedily.
'I've never liked that man,' Said Mr Renard, stiffly.
'I know he's not particularly modest, but he got us all out of some big trouble today,' Mr Buckley explained, and Mr Renard nodded in agreement. 'Besides, did you know he is my second cousin?'
'Can everyone please take your seats on the bus, which will be departing shortly,' Announced Mr Renard. 'We will be stopping at The Old Mill, Willow Hall, The High Street, and St. Francis School,'

I hope you enjoyed the story, if you did, a comment would be lovely :) Sorry to make Mr Moss seem so unpleasant, the Moss Reindeers are actually one of my favourite families ;)
I will be uploading a lot of stories over the next few weeks whilst the village is assembled: they don't have to be read in any particular order (there are no chapters, just Sylvanian Village: Name of Story), so keep watching for an update!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sylvanian Shop Purchases

I went to Sylvanian Shop in London again yesterday! I've been there around eight times, and it's still just as exciting every time I go!
I got some really cool stuff, even though I majorly overspent ;) Here's my 'loot':

Sylvanian Families Shop London Japanese Flower Shop

It doesn't look much, but I spent over £50!

Village Flower Stall 

Sylvanian Families Village Flower Shop Stall

Sylvanian Families Village Flower Shop Stall

They only had two of these left, and they were discontinuing it so I was really lucky to get this! It's very cute and got lots of detail so I really recommend it if you can get hold of one!

JP Trellis & Ivy set

Sylvanian Families JP Japanese Trellis and Ivy set

I got two of these sets; one was in the 'Bargain Bucket' because it was missing the flowers, but I got it anyway because I wanted the extra ivy. It really looks great on my Willow (Beechwood) Hall & Extension. (Note: the photo only shows part of the set, I will put a photo of the full set with the ivy and baskets on Willow Hall soon)

JP Dresses

Sylvanian Families JP Japanese Dress

I bought these for the Dress Shop I'm decorating. They are both really good quality and will fill some of the spare hangers in the shop. (Note: the sets also included shoes and an accessory e.g. a bag or hat)

Dappledawn Fawn Rabbits

Sylvanian Families Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit Family

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you'll know the Dappledawn's are my absolute all time favourite family. Sadly, three out of the four family members have been chewed up by the 'hounds of Sylvania' (my two lovely dogs who have an unfortunate taste for small, chewy Sylvanians). Mine were originally the vintage ones, and I couldn't find any decent condition replacements on eBay so I decided to replace them with the newer Flair ones. My favourite figure, Tilly Dappledawn, has really faded over time. Here's a comparison between them: (Tomy on the left, Flair on the right)

Sylvanian Families Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit Sister Tomy vs Flair

The shape and size of the two figures are exactly the same, but the wear on the older Tilly is quite obvious. The newer figure is softer, fluffier, and a lot darker. It's amazing how much she's faded, and I hadn't even noticed! I will be renaming the new Tilly, and the new family will shortly be moving into Willow Hall permanently. The vintage Tilly will stay with me and come with me everywhere as usual :)

Sleepy Time Bed

Sylvanian Families Sleepy Time Bed

I didn't really need another bed, but the covers on this were so sweet, and my mum really wanted me to get it, so I just had to buy it :) (The covers need ironing)

JP Kitchen Cookery Set

Sylvanian Families Japanese JP Kitchen Cookery Set

I love the 'old-fashioned' feel of this set, it fits in perfectly with my village. It's got lots of little pieces and details.

Thistlethorn Mouse Baby

Sylvanian Families Thistlethorn Mouse Baby boy Barry

I have the 80's Tomy parents, and when I saw little Barry Thistlethorn, I knew that Chester and Willow would love a little baby! He's the 90's Flair release, but he fits in fine :) Isn't he so cute?

All in all, very pleased with my purchases :)

Monday, 1 April 2013

Sylvanian Village: Frozen in Time

As it was the holidays, my exams are over, and I have no homework, my mum let me take over the attic :)
Yesterday, me and my best friend (seven years strong now, we're like sisters) spent over seven hours setting up a Sylvanian Village in my attic. It was so much fun, and it's really rewarding after all these years of collecting to see it all set out in a village :)
Having been crawling around on the floor for seven hours, I am really not looking at my best ;) I'm on the left, my best friend is on the right.
Welcome to our village of Little Chestnut :)

From left to right:
- Tomy Canal Boat
- Tomy St. Francis School
- Primrose Nursery
- Tomy Country Cottage with Balcony (our 'hospital')
- The Old Mill
- Tomy Mansion (not sure of the name)
- Green Family Car
- Willow Hall & Extension
- Tomy Country Bus
- Highfields Farm
- Stable
- Tomy Bakery
- Orchard Cottage
- Dress Shop
- Caravan (and a little campsite but you can't see it in the photo)

And now for a grand tour of the village which has been 'frozen in time' in our ridiculously cold attic:

The village was bustling with residents, going about their daily business...

Down at the canal, raccoons Elma & his young son Ike were having a lovely fishing trip aboard the Rose of Sylvania.
'Be careful, children!' Worried Mother Puddleford the duck, as she watched her little ducklings aboard their own little rowing boat.

Vroom! Vroom! George & Mildred Mulberry whizzed past on their motorcycle!

Down at the Nursery & School, the parents are bringing their children to school.

Professor Merryweather opens up the doors and welcomes the children in at 9 am sharp.

The children work hard at school, whilst the babies in the nursery play with the kind staff.

Next to the school is the park, where the parents bring their babies to play. Walter Bullrush and Willow Thistlethorn oversee some children at the park and are always on hand to push a swing or attend to an injured child.

This is the Old Mill, which supplies the villagers with plenty of flour to bake with. Many say it's the oldest building in the village.

Bertie Honeybear has come to pick up his dearest wife Tamsie from a friends' house in his motor car, which he loves to show off as it is the only one in the village! Tamsie had a lovely time with her friend Rowena Moss, who lives in the Mansion of Little Chestnut.

Doctor Murdoch is doing his morning calls on his bike, never seen without without his medical bag! The Macavity Grandparents are enjoying their retirement as they sip their morning tea, watching the bustling village below. Mr Renard, the bus driver, is perfectly on time as always.

Things are always busy down at Highfields Farm. There's fields to plough, horses to clean out, animals to feed, and customers to attend to!

Camilla Hunter-Smyth gives some of her excellent gardening advice, whilst her husband Charles pulls the flower cart.

The market & high street are buzzing with residents doing their shopping.

There is always a big queue for the bakery, the hand-baked treats are alway delicious.

The chef gives Kitty Catwood a few secrets to his excellent baking...

Bree, Endeavour & baby Norman Norwood enjoy a light meal at the bakery with Alexandra & Clarice Bamboo, the pandas.

Pansy Chestnut picks out a treat for her two little babies.

Chester Thistlethorn is always busy delivering fresh milk to the residents.

The Brighteyes are just leaving their house to go on a morning stroll with their two newborn twins.

Whilst Abigail Bramble tries on a new pair of shoes with her dad's expert fashion advice.

Down at the campsite, many are still waking up, however Antonia Beagle & Helen Fielding have already got their maps out planning a new adventure!

Over the next couple of weeks there will be a variety of short stories coming so keep watching for the next update. It's also really nice when people comment because it's good to know that people are actually reading and enjoying your hard work :)