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  1. Hi Lily, thanks for submitting your question. The cottontail rabbit you are asking is a promotional figure. It is a sister figure that comes with a cottontail mother as a set. I will post a photo on my website shortly so you can see.

    I think I may have a spare sister figure to let go but I have to check if you are interested.

    Your blog is adorable! Happy one year anniversary :)

  2. Hi, thanks so much for getting back to me :)
    If you do have a spare I'd absolutely love to buy her from you - she's so cute!
    Thank you for the kind words,
    Lily :) xx

  3. Hi Lily, thanks for your message. Sorry for replying here but I sent you an email last week about the cottontail rabbit sister figure you are interested in. I was not sure whether you have received it. Let me know.


    1. Hi there,
      Sorry, my email has not been working properly and I only just received your email. I've fixed my email and I have now replied :)
      Thank you for your patience,

    2. Hi there, I am really keen to get my hands on an English pdf pattern for Sylvanian Families, the size of Freya? I would really appreciate your help in finding patterns I could purchase and then make for my daughter? Anyone with any information about these patterns would be greatly appreciated! My email is
      Much gratitude and warm thanks, Katie.

    3. Hello Katie, I have sent you an email! :)

  4. Hi Lily, I sent you an email regarding the shipping. Please check.


    1. I got it and I just replied :)

  5. Hi Lily.
    Can you please take a look at my new blog and tell me what you think. The web address is
    From Olivia xxxxx

    1. I really like your blog! You take some lovely photos :)

  6. Hi Lily, I am a big sylvanian fan too and so nice to see your wonderful blog! Could you please add my blog link to this page? Thank you!

  7. Could you please add my blog to your links page? Thanks xx The web address is (as above!)

    1. Hello Olivia, I'm very sorry but because I get so many people asking me to put their website in their links, I now only add people I actually know :( sorry! Although your blog is really sweet :) x

  8. Hi Lily,

    Great blog as always... :)
    From an earlier post I saw that you wanted the village store, but it was soo hard to find?
    Well..... When I was looking on Trade-me (Which is kinda like a New Zealand ebay) I saw that there was an auction for the Sylvanian Harvester Restaurant and Village Store.
    The description says its only a little faded and all of the parts are included, and it comes with a racoon family, milk cart and bike.
    The price is $120 NZ, so it would be around 60 pounds.
    Here is the link:

    And..... Just wondering.....
    Could you check out my blog?? Its about sylvanian sewing and DIY......

    Okay, this is a big enough comment....
    Lucy :)

    1. Thank you for thinking of me Lucy! I love your blog, you have some very cute pictures :-)

  9. Hi Lily,

    You have an amazing blog! I am really, really impressed and will definitely be trying some of your ideas. You should think about making a book of your stories and photos!

    I know it is really cheeky, but I thought you may be interested in my tutorial on making Sylvanian gardens.

    Also, if you are looking for anything in particular, especially vintage, let me know because I have a large collection that I would be happy to pass on!

    Casey xx

    1. Hi Casey - Just checked out your blog and it is amazing, I really love it. Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm sorry I have abandoned this blog for so long >.< I would definitely be interested in seeing what you have, how could I get in touch with you about this? Love, Lily :-) x