Saturday, 11 March 2017

New Purchases

There's no better way to way to get back into Sylvanians than buying some new ones :)

These are some of my most recent purchases, both from the Sylvanian Families Shop in London, and from eBay Japan

Sylvanian Families Cottontail Rabbit Family
I finally purchased the Cottontail Rabbit Family, so the Cottontail Grandparents are very happy to be reunited with their family at last!

Sylvanian Families Brightfield Goat Family

Sylvanian Families Brightfield Goat Family Baby

I also mentioned a few blog posts ago how I am in love with the Brightfield goats, so I had to get those! The baby goat is too adorable!

Sylvanian Families Persian Cat BabySylvanian Families Persian Cat Baby Brightfield Goat Baby

The final thing I got from the Sylvanian Shop is the baby Persian cat, I just love how fuzzy she is :)

I think the most exciting and most anticipated purchase has to be the Wildflower Rabbit sister!!

Sylvanian Families JP Wildflower Rabbit Sister

I know a lot of collectors do not take theirs out of the box, but I really wanted to photograph her and be able to use her in my blog posts as she is so sweet

Sylvanian Families JP Wildflower Rabbit Sister

Sylvanian Families JP Wildflower Rabbit Sister

For those of you who don't know, the Wildflower bunnies are special rabbits that were exclusive to the official Sylvanian Families theme park in Grinpa, Japan! I am very lucky to have one :) They have a sister figure for each season with a themed outfit - I have the Summer one, but one day I would really like to have the Winter one too :) (see here

Have you made any new purchases lately? Let me know in the comments ^_^