Friday, 17 February 2017

Orchard Cottage Finished!

Wow, regular posting - am I alright?! I have dived back into the world of Sylvanians and I am loving it more than ever. I have made some new purchases and I plan to share those with you soon too :)

After I think, nearly three years (?!), Orchard Cottage is finally finished. To see the upstairs room and the repaint, see this post. The main reason, other than my procrastination, that it has taken me so long is that I could not decide what colour scheme to go with in the downstairs room. I would usually go for a muted floral in the kitchen/living area, but I felt with the very floral room upstairs, this room called for something different.

Sylvanian Families Orchard Cottage Decorated Renovated Wallpaper

Orchard Cottage isn't meant to be a grand home, so instead I went for a cosy theme with pale yellow. I wanted the walls to be white as this room is quite dark. However it ended up feeling too "plain" for a traditional Sylvanian home, so I ventured into the relm of making curtains.

Sylvanian Families Orchard Cottage Decorated Renovated Wallpaper

My sewing machine has given up on me, so I had to hand stitch all of the curtains - (I do not recommend this, just these three sets took me two whole evenings!). I do think they make the home look a little more cosy though.

Sylvanian Families Orchard Cottage Decorated Renovated Wallpaper

I also painted the floor in this room as well - I just loved the colour!

A lot of you have been asking who will be moving into this is a few hints!

Sylvanian Families Orchard Cottage Decorated Renovated Wallpaper

The Brighteyes bunnies have moved in and are very comfortable - even if it did take Mr Brighteyes three years to renovated ;)

Saturday, 11 February 2017

In the Garden

I found my old background and dollshouse grass, so I decided to take a few garden shots! 

This balcony with a pagoda underneath is from the Grand Mansion and I can't believe I haven't used it in pictures before. I added some flower baskets and ivy too, as I didn't really like the original flower baskets that it came with.

Sylvanian Families Grand Mansion Garden

Sylvanian Families Grand Mansion Garden

I think I am really overdue to make a new background for pictures... this one is peeling awfully and I feel like all my blog pictures look the same with it!

Sylvanian Families Garden

I am having a slight goat obsession at the moment - the Nettlefield goats are so cute but I have discovered there is a new style of goats, the Brightfield goats!

So unbelievably cute...guess who is ordering them ASAP! Really haven't been a fan of the newer Epoch UK figures but these and the Cakebread poodles have actually stolen my heart!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Orchard Cottage Renovation

Sorry to be gone for so long - my grandad sadly passed away and my Sylvanian room was being used to store his possessions so unfortunately I couldn't access my collection :(

It has all been cleared now so I can finally give my collection some love!

Something I have been working on for a while is the repaint and complete redecoration of Orchard Cottage. Currently I have only finished the upper room of the home, but I thought I would share some pictures!

 I didn't take any proper pictures of the inside but here is the cottage all taped up before the repaint!

And there is the cottage after the exterior repaint! So glad to see all the yellow gone.

To give an idea of what the interior looked like inside before, I found this picture of one on eBay:

I painted the ceiling white and then painted the beams "wood-textured". I also painted the floor the same colour. Makes it so much more traditional and quaint!

I wallpapered it in a faded-style Cath Kidston wallpaper and made new bedding for the bed as the original really didn't match the walls! 

Sylvanian Families Orchard Cottage Decoration

Sylvanian Families Orchard Cottage Decoration

The Tomy bathroom is just so cute - I love the fact that the toilet and bath are ceramic 

I am very happy with the end result! Now I just need to hurry up and finish the downstairs so a family can finally move in :)

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sylvanian Families Care Home

Margot Marmalade the bear stood outside Little Chestnut Care Home with her elderly father, Quincy Marmalade.

"No! I refuse to be dumped in a horrible care home whilst you go off on holiday!" Exclaimed Mr Marmalade. 

The rest of the Marmalade family were going to the Isle of Wight for a family holiday, but Quincy Marmalade gets awfully bad sea-sickness. So it was decided Quincy would go and stay in the Care Home for the week, rather than the whole family listening to the old bear grumble on. 

"Mrs Hazelwood will take excellent care of you, Dad. You can't just stay at home." Margot explained. Quincy Marmalade was rather wobbly on his paws nowadays, and she was worried he would take a fall.  

Gossip travels very quickly in Little Chestnut, and so the current residents of the Care Home were already expecting him.

"I hope he's not as grumpy as I remember!" Carmen Cottontail the bunny said.
"He certainly won't like Mrs Hazelwood telling him what to do!" Mrs Renard the fox said, looking up from her newspaper.

After much grumbling, and with the help of some of Mrs Hazelwood's best biscuits, Margot Marmalade managed to get Quincy settled down into a nice armchair.

The main lounge in the care home consisted of a mismatch of different sofas and armchairs, newspapers and tea pots. Mrs Hazelwood kept it very clean and cosy. 

"Is that the Sylvanian Times you're reading Mrs Renard?" Mr Marmalade said, nosily peering over.
"Yes, did you know we all get a free copy everyday?" Mrs Renard explained. Mr Marmalade tried very hard not to look impressed by this; the Sylvanian Times was the best newspaper around. 

Mrs Hazelwood got him his own copy of the newspaper, refilled his tea, and gave him some more biscuits. Quincy Marmalade was very surprised to find himself almost enjoying himself!

The other side of the room, Mildred Mulberry was watching television and sipping tea.
"Is that Classical Music at 6, Mildred?!" Quincy Marmalade jumped up from his armchair and bounded over to the television, completely forgetting his walking stick! 

"We don't have this television channel at home", thought Quincy Marmalade to himself as he settled down in front of the television. Maybe Mr Marmalade was going to have a better time than he'd expected....

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Baking With Grandma Cottontail

One day, Primrose Cottontail went to her Grandma and Grandad's house for the day. Grandma Cottontail wanted to make sure that Primrose had a lovely time, so she spent lots of time thinking about what they could do together.

Sylvanian Families Grandma

Whilst drinking her morning coffee, Grandma Cottontail was reading through her favourite baking magazine.
"Baking! What an excellent idea," Grandma Cottontail thought to herself.

"Hello Primrose my dear, would you like to bake some biscuits?" Grandma Cottontail asked.
"Ooh yes please, my favourite!" Primrose beamed.

"Could you whisk the eggs Primrose dear? My elbows are very stiff nowadays!" Asked Grandma Cottontail.

"Of course Grandma!" Primrose laughed, as she picked up a fork.
After a lot of giggles and messy flour, they put the biscuits in the oven to cook.

"These smell delicious!" Grandma Cottontail said, getting them out of the oven.

"And they look like they'll taste delicious too.." Primrose put her paw out to take one.
"No not yet my dear! You'll fry your whiskers if you eat that! Let them cool down first," Exclaimed Grandma Cottontail. Primrose grumbled to herself before finally agreeing she did quite like her whiskers the way they were already.

Finally the biscuits had cooled down, and Primrose helped her Grandma arrange them on one of her best plates. 

"Hmm," Wondered Grandma Cottontail. "I wonder who else would like one of these biscuits..."

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I'm alive?!

It's been about a year and and a half since I have updated this blog - how embarrassing! I am very glad to see it is as popular as ever and I am now am close to 100,000 visits to this blog?! Wow, thank you so much. I have only just began reading through the hundreds of comments / emails I have received and you have all made me smile so much :)

Thank you all for sticking around - don't worry, I am still very fond of my little furry critters and this blog will be back up in action very soon.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Afternoon Tea With Mrs Renard and Mrs Dappledawn

Roxy Renard the fox stood at the front door of the Grand Mansion, home to the Dappledawn rabbits.

Mrs Dappledawn answered the door.
"Hello Mrs Renard! Do come in, awfully chilly wind outside today," Mrs Dappledawn welcomed Mrs Renard into her home. 
"Autumn has certainly set in," Mrs Renard laughed.
"I've just put the kettle on, tea or coffee Roxy?" Mrs Dappledawn asked her, as Mrs Renard settled herself at the parlour table.
"A tea would be charming thank you, I am here for afternoon tea after all!" Mrs Renard replied.

"I better get brewing the tea then," Mrs Dappledawn said, picking up the kettle off the stove.
"Mmmn...whatever you're cooking smells divine, Theodora!" Mrs Renard commented.
"Goodness me! You just reminded me! I need to take the pie out of the oven to cool," Rushing to the oven, Mrs Dappledawn put on an oven glove.

"It's a blackberry pie for Mr Dappledawn's pudding tonight," Explained Mrs Dappledawn, excitedly.
"I only wish I could stay for dinner!" Mrs Renard smiled.
"Ah, the tea's brewed! I can finally sit down, I haven't stopped all day.." Mrs Dappledawn sat at the parlour table opposite Mrs Renard.

The two ladies talked the afternoon away; gossiping, discussing recipes and beauty products, you couldn't have got a word in edgeways!
When Mrs Renard left, they both promised they wouldn't leave it as long next time before they catch up - but they both have very, very busy lives!

Much like me - I'm afraid Sylvanians have really had to just be on the back burner of my life lately :( I have done a little decorating of houses here and there (like the kitchen in the Grand Mansion in the story), but nothing really post-worthy. I always seem to show a greater interest in my Sylvanians around the Winter period so hopefully I will post again sometime soon.