My Figures

*More pictures coming soon, this is a work in progress!*

I currently have around 100 figures (sorry everyone - this page is REALLY out of date now :O)

JP means Japanese, and usually do not have names.


Underwood Badger Family & Babies

Sylvanian Families Underwood Badger Family Forest


Bamboo Panda Babies

Sylvanian Families Bamboo Panda Twins Sleeping and Crawling bottle and dummy

Tomy Marmalade Bear Mother and Grandfather

Doctor Murdoch Jr Bear (from Doctor & Bike set)

Timbertop Bear Babies

Sylvanian Families Vintage Timbertop Bear Babies

White Polar Bears, Polly & Holly (from Calico Critters Polly and Holly's Winter Fun)


Waters Beaver Brother (Motley Crew set) & Baby (Carry case with bath)


Catwood Cat Babies (One in yellow from a Carry Case with pink car, and two in red from the Christmas Catwood Twin Set, limited edition)

Sylvanian Families Vintage Catwood Cats Babies Christmas Limited Edition Set

Chantilly Cat Brother (from Christian's Bedtime set) & Baby (Carry case with Moses Basket)

Macavity Cat Grandparents (Collector's Club)

Macavity Baby (JP)

Silk Cat Baby (JP)

Simpkins Cat Brother & Sister (from Birthday Party set)

Persian Cat Baby

Whiskers Cat Baby (Carry case with slide)

Sylvanian Families Whiskers Cat Baby Carry Case


Buckley Red Deer Family & Babies

Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family Babies

Moss Reindeer Family

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Family


Beagle Dog Sister (from Antonia's Gymkana Set)y

Huckleberry Dog Baby (from Primrose Nursery Figure Set)

Sylvanian Families Nursery Figure set Hucklebury Dog Baby

Hunter-Smyth Chocolate Labrador Family & Baby

Sylvanian Families Hunter-Smyth Chocolate Labrador Family Baby

Kennelworth Dalmatian Babies

Maroon Dog Baby (from Primrose Nursery Figure Set)

Sylvanian Families Nursery Figure set Maroon Dog Baby

Seadog Dog Babies (Collector's Club, sister  figure missing)

Sylvanian Families Collector's Club Seadog Babies

Tailbury Dog Babies (from Babies at Home set)

Patches Dog Baby (from Primrose Nursery Figure Set)

Sylvanian Families Nursery Figure set Patches Dog Baby


Puddleford Duck Babies 

Waddlington Duck Parents

Sylvanian Families Waddlington Puddleford Ducks


Renard Fox Mother (From Roxy Renard's Home Interiors Set) & Sister (Collector's Club)


Brightfield Goat Family

Nettlefield Goat Family (Flair)


Bramble Hedgehog Family & Babies

Sylvanian Families Bramble Hedgehog Family Babies Woods


Fielding Mouse Family

Hazelwood  Mouse Mother (Wash Day set) & Daughter (Captain's Crew)

Thistlethorn Mouse Family, parents (80's Tomy) & one baby (90's Flair)


Darwin Monkey Baby (from Carry Case with tricycle)


Babblebrook Rabbit Babies

Brighteyes Grey Rabbits, Peter & Belinda (Collector's Club)

JP Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister (Collector's Club)

Cottontail Rabbit Family & Grandparents (Collector's Club)

JP Cottontail Sister (Rare Promotional Figure)

Dandelion Rabbit Babies

Sylvanian Families Vintage Dandelion Rabbit Babies

Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit Family & Babies (not pictured)

Nurse Emily Nightingale Rabbit (from Nurse & Wheelchair set)

Sylvanian Families Nurse Emily Nightingale Hospital Rabbit

Periwinkle Cream Rabbit Grandparents

Sparkle Rabbit Sister (Collector's Club)


Chestnut Raccoon Babies (Tomy)

Sylvanian Families Vintage Chestnut Raccoon Babies

Mulberry Raccoon Grandparents (from Motorcycle and Sidecar set)


Bouquet Skunk Family


Furbank Squirrel Parents & Babies

JP Squirrel Baby

Sylvanian Families JP Japanese Furbanks Squirrel baby


  1. Lovely figures, Lily! Xxx

  2. So cute the baby ducks are adorable!

  3. They are too cute !

  4. Thanks! I just love them all :) xx

  5. Love your blog!

  6. Love your blog! I was just looking through sylvanian stuff and found this blog! Awesome job :)

  7. where do you get your japanese baby figures? i've gotten the macavity cat and periwinkle/milk rabbit off of ebay, but i'm wondering where you get yours.

  8. is there anywhere I can buy the Chocolate rabbit older sister? I would love to add her to my family.