Monday, 8 April 2013

Sylvanian Village: The Bus Journey

One lovely, sunny day, the Buckley Red Deer family were going on a picnic.
Agatha Buckley had got up early and had prepared a delicious (if not huge) picnic lunch for them to enjoy.
Soon everybody was ready to leave.
'Don't forget your cardigan, Maria, it'll be chilly on the bus!' Reminded Mother as she put the babies in the pram. As their was only one motorcar in the whole village (and that belonged to the richest family in town up at the Mansion), the Buckleys would be catching the bus to their favourite picnic spot by the lake just over Chesnut Hill.
'Come along now children, hurry up and get your shoes on, the bus will be at the stop soon!' Mrs Buckley panicked.

Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family

All carrying armfuls of picnic blankets and food, they ran to their nearest bus stop, where the bus had just arrived.
'Why hello Mrs Buckley, going on a picnic, I see?' Mr Renard the fox smiled. 'Here, Mr Buckley, let me help you get the pram onto the bus,'.

Sylvanian Families Bus

There wasn't much room on the bus, because it was 'rush hour' in Little Chestnut, but the Buckley children soon found their favourite seats at the top of the bus and sat down with their mother.

Sylvanian Families Bus Buckley Red Deer Family

'That engine doesn't sound too healthy, Mr Renard,' Mr Buckley said, frowning.
'I know, it's been like this the last couple of days,' Mr Renard sighed. 'The bus isn't used to this much work - it's so busy because it's the school holidays!'
The bus was indeed very busy, all the seats were taken, Mr Buckley had to sit next to the driver!

Sylvanian Families Bus

'Everyone aboard the bus?' Mr Renard called out. 'This bus will be stopping at Chestnut Hill, Lake Chestnut, Chestnut Woods, and finally back to Little Chestnut, at this bus stop,' Announced Mr Renard. He revved the poor bus into action and began driving out of the beautiful village.
After around twenty minutes, they reached the bus stop at Chestnut Hill. Unfortunately, no-one got off the bus at Chestnut Hill, meaning the bus had to drive up the steep hill completely full!

Somehow, and Mr Renard did not know how, they reached the top and began the drive down the long road down the other side of the hill. Because they were going downhill, the bus continued to go forward for a while, before stopping at halt with a BANG!
Everybody on the bus stopped busily chatting and looked down to Mr Renard for an explanation.
'I'm sorry everyone, the bus has broken down!' Exclaimed Mr Renard, in desperation. 'I'll have to walk back to the village to get some help!'

Sylvanian Families Bus

'Don't be silly, that would take you almost a day-' Mr Buckley exclaimed.
'We haven't really got much of a choice-' Everyone on the bus began bickering.
'Everyone, your attention please!' Shouted Dr Murdoch. 'It's alright, I've brought my bicycle!' He continued on, explaining. 'I can cycle down to the village, and get Mr Moss to come in his motor car to help us,'
Sylvanian Families Doctor

'That's an excellent idea, Dr Murdoch!' Mr Renard nodded.
'I'll be back in around an hour and a half then,' Dr Murdoch said.
'What are we all supposed to do in the meantime?' Exclaimed an elderly passenger (Laurette Macavity) at the front of the bus behind the driver's seat.

Sylvanian Families

'That is a very good point,' Said her friend, Mabel Periwinkle the rabbit, looking at Mr Renard over her glasses.
'Oh I know!' Mr Buckley turned to Mr Renard. 'Do you have the picnic bench with you?'
'Of course - it's just at the back of the bus,' Mr Renard said, inquisitively.
'My wife has a huge picnic with her, they'll be enough food for all of us,' Mr Buckley smiled.
'What a grand idea!' Said Mabel Periwinkle.
'I do fancy a picnic, don't you Mabel?' Laurette Macavity wondered.
'Everyone! Dr Murdoch is going to cycle back to the village and get Mr Moss to come and help in his motor car,' Explained Mr Renard. 'In the meantime, the Buckley family have offered to share their huge picnic with us all!' The bus was full of excited chatter.

Sylvanian Families Doctor and Bike

Dr Murdoch pedalled off whilst Mr Renard and Mr Buckley got the picnic benches. Mrs Buckley had also bought a large amount of picnic blankets, so there was lots of room for everyone.

Sylvanian Families Bus Fox

Mrs Buckley began to unpack the picnic.

'You've got enough to feed a small army, Mrs Buckley!' Mr Renard and the Buckleys laughed.
All the passengers had a delicious lunch of sandwiches, fresh fruit, biscuits, cake and various other delicious treats.
Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Baby

Baby Lily Buckley was fast asleep in the pram.

Soon they saw the green motor car in the distance. It was Mr Moss and Dr Murdoch, here to save the
day :)

Mr Moss neatly pulled over, and they got out of the car.

'You shouldn't of let the bus run today, Mr Renard,' Mr Moss said, disapprovingly. 'I've managed to patch it up for now, but that bus needs some serious repairs. Expensive repairs,'
'Yes, well, I'll go and see the Mayor when we get back,' Mr Renard said, uncomfortably.

'Well, it's certainly going to cause some chaos for all of you without a bus,' Mr Moss silkily said. 'Luckily for me, I have the latest Austin motor car,' And with that, he started his motor and drove off, very speedily.
'I've never liked that man,' Said Mr Renard, stiffly.
'I know he's not particularly modest, but he got us all out of some big trouble today,' Mr Buckley explained, and Mr Renard nodded in agreement. 'Besides, did you know he is my second cousin?'
'Can everyone please take your seats on the bus, which will be departing shortly,' Announced Mr Renard. 'We will be stopping at The Old Mill, Willow Hall, The High Street, and St. Francis School,'

I hope you enjoyed the story, if you did, a comment would be lovely :) Sorry to make Mr Moss seem so unpleasant, the Moss Reindeers are actually one of my favourite families ;)
I will be uploading a lot of stories over the next few weeks whilst the village is assembled: they don't have to be read in any particular order (there are no chapters, just Sylvanian Village: Name of Story), so keep watching for an update!


  1. Lovely story!!!
    Most likely your best one yet!!! Loved everything about it. :-)
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    1. Thank you so much, that really made me smile :D I'm so glad you liked it! xx

  2. How did Mrs. Buckley ever manage to carry that much food? I wish I was on that bus! ;)

    I really enjoyed this story, looking forward to more! :)

    1. Thanks! Luckily for Mrs Buckley, she has rather a large family to help her carry it call, though she seems to have misjudged the size of her family in this case ;) xx

  3. Your story is adorable! Love the photos you took!

  4. I have Mr.Moss'es Car!
    I made it a town car and bus as i have the nursery bus.
    love your stories!!1

    1. Ahh that sounds lovely! I really love that car :)
      Thank you! :D

  5. SylvanianfamiliesNelly21 April 2013 at 21:40

    Aww i really love your imagination! Nelly xxx

  6. Lovely story Lilyxxx
    That picnic looks delicious, you have a brilliant collection. I love the bus.

  7. Amazing Lil!Every line encouraged me to read more and more! Keep up the effort! x