Monday, 2 July 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

I am really sorry I haven't posted in over a month :O!! I have just begun a new school year, involving about ten times more homework and the difficult lessons mean you're exhausted by the end of the day. I promise I'll be back on a more regular basis really soon - I just need to manage my time a lot better now I have so much work! I entered a competition about a week or so on the Sylvanian Families Message Board, and I was both surprised but very happy that I gained first place:) I would like to thank the organisers for inspiring me to take more photos of my Sylvanians (and update my blog!!). All the other entries were to a very high standard, so I was really shocked when I found out. Anyway, here is my winning entry:

A couple of weeks ago, all of the residents of Chestnut Road gathered together on the green next to the woods that surrounded the village. They set up picnic benches, BBQ's, and of course, lots of food! All to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee:)

Sylvanian Families Diamond Jubilee Picnic

Sylvanian Families Diamond Jubilee Picnic Periwinkle Rabbit & Macavity Cat Grandfathers

The two Grandfathers, Mr Macavity and Mr Periwinkle had very conveniently placed themselves at the table with the most food. Mr Macavity had absent-mindedly drank almost a whole bottle of wine (despite warnings from his doctor not to drink alcohol due to his heart condition), whilst discussing the pros and cons of different types of fishing hooks with Mr Periwinkle. 

Sylvanian Families Diamond Jubilee Picnic Buckley Deer father & Underwood Badger father

The men were in a deep chatter about classical cars and how Mr Bramble's wife is desperate for the new Volkswagen camper, but they don't really have the money.

Sylvanian Families Diamond Jubilee Picnic Buckley Deer mother, Underwood Badger mother, Bramble Hedgehog mother & Macavity Cat grandmother

'Did you know, the woman down the road...'
'Have you seen that new eye cream in John Lewis, I...'
'The shopping cost me almost a third more last week, prices are soaring...' These were just a few of the topics of gossip the women were talking about. 

Sylvanian Families Diamond Jubilee Picnic Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit babies, Peter Brighteyes with BBQ 

The Dappledawn babies played on the slides, squealing in pleasure. Mr Brighteyes in the background was walking around with his portable BBQ and tongs, offering vege-burgers and vege-hot dogs to everyone (I'm vegan :D )

Sylvanian Families Diamond Jubilee Picnic Belinda Brighteyes, Babblebrook rabbit baby girl, Buckley Deer baby girl & Dappledawn fawn rabbit sister

Belinda Brighteyes was found entertaining all the babies, of course!

Sylvanian Families Diamond Jubilee Picnic Buckley deer brother, Underwood badger brother and sister

The children chatted noisily about schoolwork. 'Happy Diamond Jublilee to our wonderful Queen!' They all toasted!

As mentioned at the start, I promise I'll be back soon with exciting new instalments in 'The Dappledawn's Holiday and much more...