To make finding a story or certain chapter on my blog easier, I've added this page so you can easily find what you're looking for. I'll add any new stories I write here as well.
This page will also be updated with 'Coming Soon' stories!

A New Face in Little Chestnut:
Mrs Hazelwood Part 1

Sylvanian Village:
Frozen in Time
The Bus Journey
Shopping Trip

Winter Story:
Chapter 1: A Snow Day
Chapter 2: Preparations
Chapter 3: The Mayor's Speech
Coming Soon: A brand new Winter Story for 2013! 

Autumn in Little Chestnut

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Story

The Dappledawn's Holiday Chapter 1

Hospital for Dog Chewed Sylvanians


  1. Can't wait for the 'coming soon' stories! xx

  2. I have a question, Lily. I love your blog, but do you know how to make a sylvanian suitcase? I desperatly need to make one!

    1. I'm afraid I don't :( there is a Sylvanian suitcase you can get, with the car and also the Guest Bedroom Set :)

  3. Thanks Lily! I'll see if I can the guest bedroom set for my birthday..,.. Maybe the car too.....

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Lily, OMG i really love the winter story!!! I wish it snowed where I live!!!! And at Christmas!!! In the first story A snow day, when Juniper and Buck wake up, they are in the CUTEST PAJAMAS (is that how you spell it???!!!) Did you make those or did you get them from a set? If you made them, could you make a tutorial?? Thanks! Lucy xx

    1. Hi Lucy :) Thank you very much! The pyjamas are from a set that is now discontinued, called 'Christians Bedtime Set'. The other pyjamas are from a Japanese set, I think it might be called the Girl's Bedroom Set or something...Sorry I can't be more helpful! Lily :)

  5. Hello Lily,
    My daughter Gabriella has collected these for a year and has nearly everyone on the U.S. market, here known as calico critters. Yesterday at the ripe old age of 7 she told me she thought she was getting to old to collect them any longer. I asked her if she enjoyed them still, as we play together frequently, and she said she loved them. She just fears being mocked she says! Tomorrow morning I am going to show her your blog, and explain to her that when you love something, you can keep them as long as you want and as old as you get! So thank you, for extending the wonderful playtime I have with my daughter, through your blog!

    1. This was so lovely to hear! I am now 17 years old and have been collecting for 14 years, so I really hope I can inspire her to keep doing something if she enjoys it :-) thank you for sharing this xx

  6. Hi mom2agr8kid!! :)
    I am so glad your daughter still loves the Sylvanians, and I really hope she doesn't give them up for the fear of being teased!
    I am 13 years old and I still play with them!!
    What you said is soooo true, if you really love something, don't let anyone affect that, just keep playong, doing or using what you love! :)

    All the best and I really hope your daughter doesn't give her critters up!
    Thank you,
    Joy :)