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Winter Story Chapter 2: Preparations

It was a cold day in late December, and the children of the village had been given an additional week off school due to heavy snow. Most of the children were happy to play in the snow and sledge and ski down the hill.
However, Juniper Moss had other ideas. One day of playing in the snow was enough for her, and she was already hard at work planning and producing the school's Christmas Issue of the school magazine. She had hosted a last-minute board meeting at her house with the other producers of the school magazine. Being the Editor, naturally Juniper liked to be in charge of everything and everyone.

Sylvanian Families Meeting Children School

'Firstly, I would like to ensure everybody is present,' Began Juniper. 'Buck Moss, Bryon Underwood, Tilly Dappledawn, Renee Sparkle and Hector Hunter-Smyth...Excellent, we're all here,'
'The headmaster has given us the very important job of producing the Christmas Issue of the school magazine in just a week,' Juniper explained, as everybody nodded excitedly.
'It will obviously be very hard work because we have so little time,' Bryon Underwood, Juniper's 'second-in-command' vice-editor said. 'However I think if we all pull it off then the issue will be ready to hand out at the Carol Service on Christmas Eve,' Hector let out a whistle.
'It'll be tight, but I think we can do it!' Agreed Renee Sparkle, as Tilly nodded.
'All in agreement of proceeding?' Juniper asked, as everyone raised their hand. She took her role extremely seriously. 'Brilliant, let's continue!'
'Juniper had asked me to do a two-page feature about us playing in the snow yesterday,' Everybody murmured their approval, as Buck began coughing. 'But it's really up to you what you do,' Buck said, wiping his nose on his sleeve.
'I'll get some gossip!' Gushed Renee, who always knew all of the latest 'news'. 'I'll get some of the villager's opinions on whether they think we should of been allowed a week off school!'
'That's a great idea Renee, it's a controversial subject I'm sure people would love to read about,' Juniper encouraged.
'Hector, perhaps you could do a review on the school play?' Suggested Tilly, quietly as usual.
'Yes! That'd be awesome!' Hector grinned.
'It's after the Carol Service on Christmas Eve, so it will encourage more people to come and see the play!' Bryon smiled.
'Mmn, what else could we do?' Juniper wondered aloud.
'Would some freshly-baked scones and jam help you all think?' Rowena Moss laughed as she put a plate of scones and a jar of jam on the table.
'Yes, definitely, Mother!' Juniper giggled.
'Thank you Mrs Moss!' Hector said, his mouth already full of scone.

Sylvanian Families Meeting Children School Scones Pencils

'Tilly, what would you like to do?' Juniper asked, gently.
'I could write a Christmas Story, about Father Christmas and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, if you'd like?' Tilly whispered, shyly.
'That would be lovely, Tilly, the children would love it!' Byron smiled. 'Why don't you draw some illustrations too, you're a good artist,' Tilly just nodded timidly and began jotting down notes in her notebook.

Sylvanian Families Tilly Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit writing in notebook

'That just leaves you and me Bryon,' Juniper said, nibbling her pencil.

Sylvanian Families Juniper Moss Reindeer chewing pencil cute

'You can write the introduction, some latest news, the contents, wish everyone a Merry Christmas,' Byron suggested, and Juniper nodded. 'I can put everything together and get it printed - Oh I could do a colouring competition!'
'Brilliant idea, Bryon!' Renee said, and everybody agreed.
'Think of some prizes, something good,' Hector said.
'I'm home!' Came a voice from the front door. Everybody turned to see Cameron Moss carrying a huge Christmas Tree through the door.

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Christmas Tree Miniature

'And I think that marks the end of this meeting!' Juniper smiled as everybody laughed. 'I'll be calling to check on your progress!' She warned, jokingly.

Sylvanian Families Meeting leaving Willow Hall

'Goodbye everyone!' Juniper called, as she shut the front door. She had noticed Buck had been unusually quiet - he was normally a top-contributer in meetings.
'Hello Juniper, how did the meeting go?' Cameron Moss asked his ambitious daughter.
'Really good, thank you Father!' Juniper beamed. 'I love the Christmas tree!'
'Well I was rather hoping you and Buck would help us decorate it!' Cameron smiled.

Sylvanian Families Christmas Tree Moss Reindeer Family

'Of course we will!' Buck said, stumbling into the living room.
'Are you alright, Buck, you don't look too well?' Juniper said, worriedly.
'I'll be fine! Just got a bit of a-cough cough cough!' He began coughing hysterically again.
'You're clearly not very well dear, go and lie down on the sofa, I'll bring you a blanket,' Rowena smiled, gently.

Sylvanian Families ill living room moss reindeer family

'Now, if you don't mind, Rowena dear, could you choose where you would like the tree?' He said, with a pained expression. 'It's rather heavy, you see,'
'I'll put the tinsel on!' Juniper grinned, grabbing the tinsel.
'Hang on, let me put the lights on first!' Cameron said, laughing.
'I'll help!' Buck offered.
'I don't think so, son. You look far too ill!' Cameron said, sounding slightly concerned.
'You just lie back and rest, dear,' Rowena smiled.
*An hour or so later*

Sylvanian Families Winter Christmas Tree Willow Hall

'I love it!' Beamed Juniper.
'When can we put the presents under the tree?' Buck asked, dreamily.
'Buck!' Rowena laughed.
'One more week 'til Christmas!' Cameron reminded the children. Buck began coughing again.
'Right, that's enough, Buck, you're going to bed!' Rowena said, taking him by the hand.
'No Mother!' Buck couldn't think of anything more boring that being stuck in bed all day when he could be outside playing in the snow.
'I told you to dress warmly and you didn't, and now you're ill!' Rowena exclaimed, slightly crossly as she tucked him into his bed.
'But it's so boring-' Buck protested.
'I don't care. You're ill, and to get better you need warmth and rest!' Rowena said, firmly, as she hugged him.

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer ill in bed

To be continued...
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  1. I am really enjoying this story, it's getting me in the Christmas spirit:) Love the photos and looking forward to the next installment.


  2. Haha! TOLD YOU Buck! :-)
    Loving the story so far.

    1. Yes, silly Buck, think he's learning his lesson! Thanks:D

  3. What a charming story! I was wondering if Buck would become ill if he went out into the cold without a jacket... ;) And I like Juniper with her endearingly bossy was. :)

    1. Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy Chapter 3 just as much!:) xxx

  4. What a truly brilliant story, you have such a talent! My 8 year old daughter has really enjoyed the first two chapters - she now wants to create her own blog and try some Sylvanian stories of her own! :) xx -this was a perfect story for a snowy weekend :)

    1. Thank you so much, Chapter 3 will be on it's way very soon:) I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you have fun in the snow - it's still really snowy where I am! xx

  5. I have loads of sylvanian families and have been collecting since I was very young I myself have written a few story's but yours seem much better. Love to know when your next chapter is out the last was great! Keep writing.

    1. Thanks:D I'm sure you're a great writer! I recommend reading as many books as possible - it really does improve your writing skills:) Sylvanian Families are the best <3 Next chapter coming soon, promise! ;) xx

  6. SylvanianfamiliesNelly19 March 2013 at 13:40

    Will there be a second part to chapter two (i think...the one with Buck in it anyway)? I really enjoyed this story! Nelly xxx

    1. There is a Chapter 3 which carries on from this one? Here is a link:
      Thanks for reading :D

  7. I'm really enjoying it! Please do another one! I keep thinking whats going to happen next!!!????