Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A New Camera!

I finally got a new camera today, so I'm back with good quality photos (finally!)
I forgot to mention in my last post that I went to the Sylvanian Shop in London on Friday! It wasn't my first time, I've been about six times before however it feels just as special each time:)
I purchased the Moss Reindeer family - so cute! Here they are:
Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Family Christmas Snow Highfields Farm

Cameron Moss came with a yellow bow, but I felt a red would be far more 'Christmassy':)

And here is some better, updated photos from my last post:

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer & Underwood Badger Mother Christmas Snow Highfields Farm

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Sister Christmas Snow Highfields Farm

What do you think of the new camera's photos? The lighting is terrible because it's not natural..I left it too late in the evening - I forgot it got dark so quick!
Thanks for all your views & comments, really do appreciate it<3