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Winter Story Chapter 1: A Snow Day

It was a very chilly December night, and the Moss Reindeer family were all tucked up in bed.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Bedroom Pink Moss Reindeer Sister

Juniper awoke when she saw a few rays of light peeking around her curtains. As she looked closer, she could see snow on her windowsill and the garden was covered in a thick white blanket of snow.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Bedroom Pink Moss Reindeer Sister

After making her bed as fast as she could, she raced into her brother's room to tell him.
'Buck! Wake up! It's snowed!' She beamed as she nudged his shoulder.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer Sister Brother

'Wha-' He sleepily looked out of his window. 'Yes! It snowed, it snowed, it snowed!' Buck sang as he jumped on his bed
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer Sister Brother pyjamas

They both ran to the big window in their parents' bedroom to determine how thick it was.
'Definitely enough for skiing and sledging-' Buck said, matter-of-factly.
'Oh look, the pond's frozen over - I can skate!' Juniper squealed.
They leapt down the stairs as fast as their legs could carry them.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer Sister Brother pyjamas Christmas lights

'Mother, mother, you'll never guess what!' The two children chorussed.
'It's snowed?' Rowena guessed, laughing. She was already up preparing breakfast for the family. 'Don't worry, the school telephoned. School's cancelled, they're giving you a weeks' extra holiday,' The children grinned excitedly, although Juniper was upset that she wouldn't be able to get the Christmas Issue of the School Magazine finished.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer mother dressing gown kitchen

'We've got to go out and play, come on, Juniper!' Buck grabbed Juniper's hand and headed towards the front door. Both the girls laughed.
'You're still your pyjamas, Buck!' Juniper laughed, as Buck's face fell.
'But we need to go and call for the Hunter-Smyths and all our other friends,' He said, crossly.
'Give them a chance to wake up, Buck dear! Have some breakfast and get dressed first,' Rowena said, firmly.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer brother sister breakfast

They tried to eat their breakfast as fast as they could without their mother noticing.
'Now go and get dressed, don't forget to wrap up warm!' Rowena warned.
'Goodbye mother' Said Juniper, who was sensibly wearing her warmest dress and her new Winter cloak.
'Yeah, bye' Said Moss, who stood in a pair of summer dungarees and a pair of snow boots.
'Don't be silly, Buck, you can't go out in the snow without wearing proper clothing!' Rowena exclaimed.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer brother sister

'I'll be fine, Mother! None of the other boys will wear coats!' And with that he grabbed his sister's hand and headed out of the house and down the road to their neighbours' house, leaving Rowena sighing as she closed the front door.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer brother sister snow winter christmas
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer mother snow winter christmas

They knocked on the door of the Hunter-Smyths house, Highfields Farm. As Buck had expected, they were up and ready to go.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer Hunter Smyth Labradors snow winter christmas

'We'll meet you at the hill in ten minutes, Isabella thinks it will be quicker if we just telephone all of the other children,' Hector explained.
'Good idea!' Juniper nodded.
'Great! See you there!' Buck smiled.
Much to Buck's surprise, they were the first to arrived at the hill. 'The Hill' was the best hill in the village for sledging and skiing, and it was the nearest.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer Skis skiing snow winter christmas

Buck ran to the top of the hill with his skis in hand.
'Excellent coating of snow! Juniper, be careful you don't fall, the snow is very slippery!' He called down to her.
Buck then skied down the hill at top speed.
'Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' He grinned, as he stopped next to Juniper, who was laughing.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer Skis skiing snow winter christmas

'That was great, Buck!' They turned around. 'Oh look, everybody's arriving,' Juniper smiled.
They waited until everyone had arrived before Buck began his little 'speech'.
The Hunter-Smyths, the Underwoods, the Dappledawns, the Brambles and the Buckleys family had all turned up. Much to Buck's dismay, all the boys were wearing some sort of warm clothing.
'Thank you for all coming so quickly! Now, the snow is very slippery, especially on the hill, so I would like everybody to pair up in boy/girl partners please' Buck was in charge every year on Snow Days. Coming the North Pole, the Moss Reindeer knew more about it than anybody else.
Everybody bustled in pairs.
Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Moss Reindeer Skis skiing snow winter christmas

'Make sure you hold hands while walking up the hill, or standing on the hill. The snow is perfect for skiing or sledging, and as I'm sure many of you have noticed the pond is frozen, so you're welcome to skate but make sure you check the thickness of the ice first. Those who wish to ski please try to stick to the left side of the hill, and those sledging please stick to the right - we don't want any accidents that involve both!' Buck smiled as all the children laughed. The adults didn't come out until a bit later in the day, so they watched the children play from their windows.
'Watch out for the babies, don't let them sledge from the very top of the hill. I don't think there is anything else I need to mention, but it looks like the snow will stay for at least a few days so I'm sure we'll be back every day! Have fun and stay safe!' Everybody clapped Buck politely, who took a bow. Juniper stood next to him, they were partners today.

Sylvanian Families Buckley Deer Skis skiing snow winter christmas

The Buckleys were having so much fun they appeared to have forgotten Buck's warning...
Sylvanian Families Dappledawn Fawn Rabbits coats snow winter christmas

Tilly Dappledawn was quite happy just to walk through the snow with her baby siblings Dillon & Cotton who were all wrapped up warm!

Sylvanian Families Hunter-Smyth Chocolate Labradors coats snow winter christmas

Isabella & Hector Hunter-Smyth were taking it in turns to catch their baby brother Gerard who enjoying slipping down the hill on his bottom!:)
Sylvanian Families Underwood Badgers Moss Reindeer skiing snow winter christmas

Bess Underwood was being taught how to ski - without poles! She was being very brave, and managed to do it several times without falling over! Buck, on the other hand, was absolutely freezing cold!
Sylvanian Families Bramble Hedgehogs snow winter christmas
The Bramble hedgehog sibling were quite happy spectating whilst they huddled together.

Sylvanian Families Underwood Badgers babies vintage snow winter christmas

The Underwood babies were busy being silly as they made snow-angels and played.

Sylvanian Families Underwood Badger Moss Reindeer snow winter christmas

Bryon & Juniper were discussing the school magazine and whether they thought it was really a good idea to close the school a week early:
'I just don't think it will be beneficial to our education - five days of school is a lot of learning hours,' Exclaimed Juniper.
'Now Juniper, I agree with you to a point, however I think that having fun is important too,' Bryon laughed.

Sylvanian Families Christmas Winter Snow Scene

Everyone was having a lovely day, although it was very cold the sun was shining and the snow glittered.
'You have to admit, this is better than school!' Bryon Underwood smiled.
'Yes, yes it is,' Juniper laughed.

At that moment, they heard a cry from behind them!

Sylvanian Families Christmas Winter Snow Scene Buckley Red Deer Sledge Sleigh

The Buckleys had forgotten about Buck's warning to stop the babies sledging from the top of the hill, and Oscar Buckley had taken a tumble!

Sylvanian Families Christmas Winter Snow Scene Buckley Red Deer Sledge Sleigh

Naturally, Buck ran to the scene.
'Did he sledge from the top?' He asked.
'Yes, he did,' Oscar explained.
'We're sorry, Buck & Oscar, we forgot about your warning,' Maria said, cuddling her brother.
Luckily, Rowena Moss had seen the whole scene from her kitchen window as she was making hot chocolate, and had rushed to the hill as quickly as possible.

Sylvanian Families Christmas Winter Snow Scene Buckley Red Deer Sledge Sleigh

Rowena picked little Oscar up and comforted him.
'Don't worry children, accidents happen. I'll take him home and ring up your mother to collect him,' Rowena smiled before carrying Oscar back to their house.

Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Moss Reindeer Wallpaper

Rowena soon had Oscar warming up by the fire playing with Juniper's teddy bear. By the time his mother came to collect him he was beaming - Rowena was very good with children.

Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Moss Reindeer Wallpaper

The Buckleys lived the other side of the hill, however Agatha came quite quickly once Rowena had telephoned her.
'Thank you so much, Rowena!' Agatha smiled. 'How badly did he fall?'
'Oh it wasn't too bad, I think he was just a bit shaken up!' Rowena said.
'Well, thanks again - he looks very happy! We must meet up for a coffee this week' Agatha suggested.
'That would be lovely! Enjoy having the children off for an extra week!' Rowena laughed as Agatha sighed - she had five children and they were a 'bit of a hand-full'!

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Wallpaper Willow Hall

That evening the children told the day's events to their father, who had been at work all day.
'We may as well get the Christmas Tree tomorrow and finish decorating the house seeing as you're both around to help!' Cameron Moss chuckled.
'Great idea!' The children chorused.
'By the way, Juniper, the headmaster mentioned on the telephone that he would like you to organise the Christmas Issue of the school magazine as a homework project over the holiday, if that's possible?' Rowena added. Juniper was absolutely beaming. She was the editor, and like Buck, loved to boss (instruct) her team of writers.
'Brilliant! I'll ring him tomorrow and tell him I'll be happy to!' Juniper smiled. 'We'll have to have a meeting..' She muttered. 'Mother can we use the house as our office?' Juniper asked. Everyone laughed.
'I suppose so, but you can't use the living room because we'll be putting the tree up!' Rowena agreed. 'Do you want me to make some scones for the bossy - sorry - board meeting?'
'Yes please!' Said both Juniper and Buck. Buck was on the newspaper, he was in charge of the sports stories.
'But what will I write about Juniper? There is no sport to report because it has snowed!' Buck asked, sounding disappointed.
'Buck, you do realise I'm expecting a two-page feature on today's Winter sports?' Juniper laughed, as Buck grinned.

To be continued...


  1. Loved your little winter hats, scarves and coats! Maybe Buck will be a bit sickly by the next story, being out in the cold all day... :-)

    1. Hehe, thank you:) Mmn, you're definitely on to something there:) xxx

  2. It is a lovely story, Lily! :)
    I like Your handmade outfits, too :)

    1. Ahh thank you Kate, I hope you like the next chapter!! :)

  3. Adorable story! I love your photos! You created nice snowy, wintery scenes!

    1. Thank you so much, it's so lovely when people comment! It took so long, I'm glad you like it :)

  4. I love the story and the little handmade scarves!! :)
    They are such a good idea... i will have ot have a go sometime!! :)

    Joy :)

  5. Hi this is my first time reading your story, but thank you so much, they're ever so sweet...;) I love the way my cursor has a trail of these rainbow sparkly things too! I'll definitely check out more right now