Saturday, 12 May 2012

Figure Count

I did a figure count today, and photographed all my Sylvanian Families together. It was quite difficult to put them all in one photo! I got the Bramble Hedgehogs and Buckley Deer for Christmas which brings my figure count up to 81!!

Mayor Bill Waddlington introduces his wife Wanda, and his three adopted ducklings: Tom, Maisy and Sammy Puddleford. He welcomes you to his village and hopes you have a nice stay.

These are all my Sylvanian Families figures, but you can't see them all because of the angle.

This is a better angle but it came out really blurry. It looks as though I have hardly any figures, you wouldn't believe there was 81 there!!

This is originally how I set them out, but you can see my Legend of Zelda and Pokemon posters! No photos really came out as well as I'd like!

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