Saturday, 19 May 2012

Renovating the Rose of Sylvania Canal Boat

My old Tomy Canal Boat has been looking a bit worse for wear for the last few years. Having probably been my most played-with toy ever, it was very well worn. So I decided, since I can't buy any Sylvanians because I'm saving, that I would give the canal boat a bit of a renovation. Curtains, cushions, maybe some carpet.

Last night I started making some seat cushions. I'm not particularly talented at sewing, so please excuse my rather terrible hand-sewing! I used to use sheets of foam to make Sylvanian mattresses, but I've run out, so I've used regular stuffing - that's why it is a little bit lumpy! :) I used a simple blanket stitch around the edges. I'm not sure whether I need any additional decoration . . . I really don't want to overdo it, just keep it basic: Less is more.
Tomy Sylvanian Families Rose of Sylvania Canal Boat Seat Cushion

I really think it is quite sweet, but it needs something more. I think maybe some velvet red cushions would compliment the fabric. I'm not sure about what colour carpet either, as the boat is kinda multicoloured so I can't find a 'neutral' colour that looks nice. And here's my canal boat:

Tomy Sylvanian Families Rose of Sylvania Canal Boat

All the stickers are faded and peeling sadly, and a lot of the parts have gone missing over the years, but I love this canal boat :)


  1. oliviassylvanianstuff29 April 2014 at 19:32

    So cute! I am currently saving up for the Flair Canal Boat.

    1. Yay! I hope you manage to save enough :) it's a lovely item.

  2. I think blue would go nicely, but then you would have to find the right shade!