Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Dappledawn's Holiday Chapter 1

I'm making a story :) I am going on holiday very soon, and my Sylvanians will be coming (of course), so I thought I'd make a story about it. Emily Nightingale stepped in for Mother Theodora Dappledawn who had an unfortunate run-in with my dog. That is also why Brother Radish Dappledawn is missing, and I couldn't find a substitute!


'Pheww!' Said Herbage Dappledawn to himself. 'I haven't been up that attic in years! No wonder it is such a mess! It took ages to find my suitcase!'

'Now what clothes should I take? Let's take a look in the wardrobe,' Herbage muttered.

'Ahh yes! I do like this shirt! I must pack this,' He said, as he folded up the shirt.

* Many items of clothes later *

'And finally, these corduroy trousers! My dearest Theodora always comments on how the cut of them is very attractive!' And he added the trousers to the growing pile within the suitcase.


'Finally! All finished!' Herbage smiled to himself. He then attempted to close his suitcase. 'Oh no! My suitcase will not close! I thought it was only women with too many possessions that had this problem...' With one final heavy push, Herbage snapped his suitcase shut.

'Brilliant! All finished! All I've got to do now is heave this weighty suitcase downstairs and then get the camping equipment packed!' Herbage said, brightly.

Meanwhile, Tilly Dappledawn was packing her rucksack ready for the holiday.
'I'm so lucky Mother brought me a new rucksack for the holiday!' She thought, happily 'Now, what will I need?' Tilly wondered.
'I know!' She said aloud. 'My favourite thing - books!' 

Tilly hurried downstairs to the conservatory reading room to get some of her favourite books.

'Mmmn, now what books shall I take?' Tilly browsed the bookshelf.

'A nice story book would be good...Oh excellent, one of my favourites!' Tilly whispered excitedly, as she picked out Forest Evergreen's Birthday Surprise.

'And I think Wild Flowers & Trees of Sylvania might come very useful, considering the fact we will be camping!' Tilly grabbed her books and went back up to her room to continue packing.

'I'll just pack these into my rucksack,' Thought Tilly, as she placed her books inside the bag.

'I will leave my rucksack here so I don't forget it!' Tilly smiled, as she put her rucksack on her chair. In just three days the whole family would be going on holiday with Tilly's best friend Sadie Persis and her family! She was very excited!

Theodora was the only member of the family who was not quite so excited about the holiday. Yes, she knew she would have a great time gossiping with Salome Persis, and showing everyone Cornwall, the place she loved and knew so well. But Theodora was bogged down with the stress side of the holiday.
'I have so much washing! So much ironing! Why does the whole family leave it until the last minute to put their things in the washing basket?!' Theodora thought to herself crossly. She heard Herbage thumping around in the attic and tutted quietly. 'It took me almost an hour to get those twins to sleep, if he wakes them up then..' She threatened, angrily.

'I'd better take Tilly's beach towel up to her room so she can pack it into her beach bag,' Thought Theodora, as she rolled up the towel and made her way upstairs, quietly so she did not wake the babies.

'I wonder where Tilly is?' Said Theodora, as she entered Tilly's empty room. 'I imagine she's gone to Sadie's to talk about the holiday...Oh what a good girl she is! Her rucksack is all packed!' Theodora had just put the towel on Tilly's bed and gently closed the door when she heard rather a lot of clattering downstairs.

She went downstairs to find Herbage with the camping equipment all over the dining room table and floor. There were kettles, gas burners, sleeping bags, even a fishing rod! Herbage looked up and smiled.
'Hello dear! Now, I was just wondering, do you think we'll need a fishing rod?' He asked her.
'Darling, what is all this dusty, spidery mess! I was about to serve dinner!' Theodora said, frowning. Suddenly, she heard a cry from upstairs. All that clattering had woken the babies!

'Honestly, Herbage! Now you've woken the babies as well!' She snapped. Herbage's face fell.
'I'm really sorry Theodora! I just got into the spirit of things and maybe I got a little over-excited!' Herbage apologised.

'It's alright! I'm just being grumpy! You're right, we should be happy, we're going on holiday! I'm sorry too. Love you,' Theodora smiled.
'Love you too, dear,' And they exchanged a quick kiss.
'I have an idea! Let's eat dinner in the garden! It's a beautiful summer's evening, so why not?' Theodora beamed.

The whole family sat down to a delicious home-made meal and talked all about how excited they were about their holiday!


  1. Lovely story!!! I like Your scenes very much and looking forward the next chapter! :)

    1. Ah thank you, I'm glad you like them! It may be a week or two before the rest of the story because I am actually on holiday! Although I plan to take pictures for the story on holiday, I have to wait until I get home before I can put them on my blog :)

  2. I really liked this story! where did Tilly go?

    1. Thanks! Tilly went to Cornwall, in south-west England :)

  3. Post a the next part!