Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hospital for Dog Chewed Sylvanians

Following the latest Sylvanian Families mauling by my dogs, I saw a suggestion on my favourite Sylvanian Families forum (see 'Links' page) that I should make a sort of 'Hospital' exclusively for them! Unfortunately, most of the beds I have are already in houses, so I have had to use the home-made beds my dad made for me when I was little. Also, as the Sylvanian Bank (me) is empty, I have had to use a very small cottage. I would like the hospital at some stage but it will be a while before I get it as my current wishlist is quite long.

The whole hospital is situated in the Country Cottage with Balcony. The hospital was put together in a rush, so please ignore the dust, and the random bar of soap on a bookshelf on the ground floor. The Sylvania Council is sending a plea of help to any residents of Sylvania who are willing to donate some money towards a more modern, spacious Cottage Hospital! :)

The Ground floor of the Hospital for Dog Chewed Sylvanian Families. A window on the left has broken off and is awaiting a replacement (or, I am waiting for my Dad to glue it back in place). The light is from Hobbycraft, and it did work...until I tripped over the wire and it snapped (Also awaiting my Dad's services).
On the right is a cloakroom and reception area, and to the left is a empty bed, and two infant casualties being cared for by a Nurse.

Nurse Emily Nightingale checking up on Emma Dale, who has suffered several head injuries, and Blue DeBurg who is adapting to life without a wing. Ensuring infant casualties have more comfortable cots is one of the many features the Sylvania Council hopes to include in the new hospital.

A welcoming bed sits next to the medicine cabinet (it's a Maple Town one, but I really like it anyway) and a bubbling, hearty stew stands on the stove. The window has been temporarily fixed (I love blu-tac :D).

Doctor Murdoch Jr. books in a new patient with volunteer Nurse Mabel Periwinkle, who is in charge of the cleaning the hospital, doing the paperwork, and cheering up patients. When the Bramble Hedgehogs moved house, they kindly donated their old telephone to the hospital.

Radish Dappledawn has just been brought to the hospital. He waits in a wheelchair in the cloakroom whilst Dr Murdoch Jr. books him. The cloakroom has a bench beneath for waiting visitors.

Upstairs in the attic room are the Cottontail Grandparents. Although the beds are handmade, they have comfy mattresses and warm covers. The beautiful views help them re-cooperate and relax. Grandfather Cottontail has suffered injuries to his arm, whilst Grandmother Cottontail has suffered injures to both her arm and her foot, and is currently ridden to her bed :(

One of the most generous volunteers at the Hospital is Roxy Renard. She provides the Hospital with all food; bringing round pots of porridge for breakfast, soup and home-made bread for lunch and a hearty stew for dinner. She also does all the washing for the hospital, and is often seen hurrying between her house and the Hospital with baskets full of clothes and bedding! 

I got Roxy Renard from my mum. She had purchased her in a set with a darling sewing machine from an old lady's collection of Tomy Sylvanian Families. When I got her out the box I immediately started to play with her. But whilst she was in my hand, a massive spider crawled out of her skirt. Even after my Mum had stripped her clothes off and washed them, I still wasn't keen on her. I shut her away in one of my storage boxes for many years. A couple of days ago I rediscovered her, and she's really grown on me! I don't have any of the other Renard foxes, but I plan to buy her a house to herself! Actually, I would love to get her the Old Mill (on my Wishlist, a previous post) to live in, as the Old Mill is too small to house any family bigger than two!  


  1. Poor Radish! He looks like he needs a few bandages too.

  2. Yes, he does need some doesn't he! I can't find my white ribbon at the moment though, but when I do I will plaster him up ;)

  3. Hello, I like Your cottage very much! Great job!

    I like Your posts, so I put Your link to my website:
    (I hope it is not a problem for You :) )

  4. You remind me of!
    I have an orphanage,hospital(For discolouring and flocking and uncomplete family counselling)
    And er....I have forgotten!

  5. Oh the poor Sylvanians!
    I don't have a dog, but two cats. And one has a liking for lieing down on my figures..