Sunday, 3 March 2013

Survey Results

The results are in from the survey! Sorry I'm only just posting them, I have been ridiculously busy!

According to the survey, you would all like to see more...

  1. Stories 
  2. My Collection
  3. Pictures
  4. Tutorials
Ok, I am so sorry I haven't finished the Winter Story yet! I have just finished catching up on all the mock exams I missed when I was ill, and I start the real exams in less than 3 weeks, so I have been (and still am) revising like crazy ;) I will finish the story as soon as I can, I promise. I also have plenty of ideas for other stories that I have started to draft :)

I have actually started to put up pictures of my collection! I have written every figure I have, but it'll take me a while to finish photographing them :) I will also photograph my buildings soon, too! 

Pictures - More pictures, I promise ;)

I am actually working on a new pattern for a tutorial so hopefully it will be up soon :)

Talking of pictures and tutorials, here is a dress I made whilst I was ill:

Sylvanian Families Nurse Nightingale Dress Handmade Japanese Pattern

The lovely LadyLollipop from over at Lollipop's Sylvanians kindly sent me some Japanese patterns to keep myself busy with :) Thank you!

I should be back very soon with some new posts :)


  1. Great idea lily! I certainly want to see some more stories your last ones were great

    1. Thanks :D I promise there will be more stories very soon, maybe even one over the weekend... ;)

  2. Your dress really did come out very well! I have been so busy with my own studies that I have neglected all the blogs that I try to follow. :-(

    1. Thank you! Same, I'm so busy studying for my exams I barely get time to look at my own blog and update let alone look at the ones I follow!

  3. Your dress is so cute! Did you work really hard on it? I'm sure you did! The dress certainly looks adorably cute on your bunny sylvanian!

    Rebecca at My Amazing Days

    1. Thank you! It took around 2 hours, but I think it was worth it :) xx