Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dappledawn Fawn Rabbits

I was ill today so my mum said I had to stay home from school. I don't mind school really because I see all of my friends, but I always miss my Sylvanians. The Dappledawn Fawn Rabbits have to be my most favourite Sylvanian Family ever! So the today when passing my dog Bramble's bed I found this figure I was quite upset.

Sylvanian Families Dog Chewed Radish Dappledawn Rabbit

My naughty puppy Bramble has mauled yet another Sylvanian Family. Poor little Radish Dappledawn is lying on my pillow right now recovering from this trauma. The worst thing is, last month, Bramble completely ate the mother, Theodora Dappledawn whole, leaving only her dress! And even my favourite figure, Tilly Dappledawn has a few teeth marks on her. Only Herbage and the two babies (Dillon & Cotton) from the Dappledawn Family remain unscathed, so my mum has agreed to buy me a new Dappledawn family. It's such a shame because that Dappledawn family were vintage Tomy ones :(. Oh well, I do love Bramble, but the amount of figures her and my other little dog Mabel have chewed up is unbelievable. At least my mum always offers to replace them, but really, it's my fault I don't shut my bedroom door to be honest. I will take some photos of the new family if I get them.

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