Thursday, 10 March 2016

Baking With Grandma Cottontail

One day, Primrose Cottontail went to her Grandma and Grandad's house for the day. Grandma Cottontail wanted to make sure that Primrose had a lovely time, so she spent lots of time thinking about what they could do together.

Sylvanian Families Grandma

Whilst drinking her morning coffee, Grandma Cottontail was reading through her favourite baking magazine.
"Baking! What an excellent idea," Grandma Cottontail thought to herself.

"Hello Primrose my dear, would you like to bake some biscuits?" Grandma Cottontail asked.
"Ooh yes please, my favourite!" Primrose beamed.

"Could you whisk the eggs Primrose dear? My elbows are very stiff nowadays!" Asked Grandma Cottontail.

"Of course Grandma!" Primrose laughed, as she picked up a fork.
After a lot of giggles and messy flour, they put the biscuits in the oven to cook.

"These smell delicious!" Grandma Cottontail said, getting them out of the oven.

"And they look like they'll taste delicious too.." Primrose put her paw out to take one.
"No not yet my dear! You'll fry your whiskers if you eat that! Let them cool down first," Exclaimed Grandma Cottontail. Primrose grumbled to herself before finally agreeing she did quite like her whiskers the way they were already.

Finally the biscuits had cooled down, and Primrose helped her Grandma arrange them on one of her best plates. 

"Hmm," Wondered Grandma Cottontail. "I wonder who else would like one of these biscuits..."


  1. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih! Oh Lily! I am so glad you are back, I never gave up hope and returned to your blog every few months, you have just made my day. Those biscuits look very tasty. I have a new blog now:
    I can't wait to read more of your blog posts!

  2. Lovely little story with very cute photos :)

  3. What a wonderful story, Lily!

    I loved reading it and laughed at the phrase "You'll fry your whiskers if you eat that!" :D

    Nice photographs and kitchen scenes. :))

    Kind regards,

  4. I am so glad to see that you are back - I found your blog in 2014 and I really enjoyed reading the posts and stories - and this story is just as good as ever! Keep up the Good work! :)

  5. Lovely story! I was admiring that mixing bowl with the eggs and happily found one among the miniatures at my local craft store. I've spent the last week catching up on your blog from before I had started following it and I love your stories. I think I may have to order a Dappledawn family. I just recently did my first order from the shop in London as they have so much more than what is available in the United States. I ordered the Boquet Skunk family and babies. I'm so excited to get them. Hopefully I can start a blog too and join this fun community of collectors.

  6. I loved this! i love the little oven you have, its so adorable!

  7. I´d love one of these biscuits too! They look so nice! Lovely kitchen. That oven!!! I hope to get it one day!
    Really cute story!

  8. You have a great blog. I also have a Sylvanian Family blog called Sylvanian Families of Brambly Corners. Here is the URL:

  9. Love your story. A very cute set up too. thankyou