Sunday, 18 November 2012

Winter is coming :D

I hate to admit it so early, but Winter (along with Christmas:D ) is coming! It's really eerie that in the woods-almost-next-door, all the trees have been stripped of their leaves! And it's even stranger that it begins to get dark as I'm walking home from school. Then of course, there is the thing that shocks me every year: the cold. It's already bitterly cold! I was cleaning out my guinea pig hutch, wearing my usual garden crocs that I use for everyday garden jobs (feeding the guinea pigs & the birds etc.), when I realised that I could no longer feel my toes! I will have to start wearing socks around this old house:(

Talking of the cold, my Sylvanian Families aren't really a fan either, however I have been busy making appropriate clothes for them all to wear. Felt hats and scarves are quite easy - winter coats are a different story. Both me and my mum have spent many evenings trying to perfect Sylvanian coats, and without much luck. Each one has something slightly wrong with it!
You know I'd love to buy several of this set, however I brought one few years ago in the Calico Critters (American Sylvanian Families) range and I just can't afford for than one:(
Sylvanian Families Winter Sports Accessories  - Just look at that adorable coat! The skis, skates and sleighs are so sweet too! However, as I say, I need to remember I already have it!!
I am also slightly in love with this new set too..
Sylvanian Families Ice Skating Duo - I may get this when I go up to London at Christmas:)

Sorry, got a bit side-tracked there about buying more Sylvanians;)
Anyway, I've been up to a few things, but I am very, very sorry however my camera has broken, so I currently have no way to take any photos:( Hopefully I will be getting a replacement over the next couple of weeks and put some photos of the various winter clothing I've been making along with some patterns so you can do it too!

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