Friday, 28 September 2012

Bakery & Orchard Cottage Review

I'm back! I'm alive! And I'm blogging!
After some quite serious problems with illness, I got sick of letting my illness take control of my life: it prevents me from doing things I love doing such as writing on this blog:) Although I'm not completely better, I believe I am finally on the road to recovery after almost six months of sickness (I suffer from Anaemia and a low immune system - not a good combination!).
A few weeks ago, I was delighted when I found the bakery (on my wishlist) for a bargain price on eBay. I didn't even have to bid because it was 'buy it now'! I fell in love with it the moment I opened the box, however I was disappointed to find quite a few pieces missing, including the till, the bakery sign for the side, all of the glasses, and a variety of other bits and bobs missing. If anyone has some spares, please contact me! I also brought Orchard Cottage to go on top. It is in bad condition, all of the white parts had been badly yellowed, and it was covered in pen marks. After battling with the pen marks with a damp scourer, I masking taped it all up and will begin making amendments with white acrylic paint possibly this weekend.
Some 'before' images:

The proud owners of Little Chestnut Bakery are Peter & Belinda Brighteyes (and yes, I know they are siblings, but in my imagination they should be married!) ;)

Sylvanian Families Peter & Belinda Brighteyes
Apologies for the masking tape on Orchard Cottage, I forgot to take the photos before I put the tape on!;)
Here's a few photos of the interior of the bakery:
Sylvanian Families Vintage Bakery Interior Oven Sink
Sylvanian Families Vintage Bakery Interior Sink

The kitchen area is very sweet, it even came with a bowl that has eggs in!!

Sylvanian Families Vintage Bakery Front Display Window Cakes Biscuits

The front display window from the inside. I've made some Fimo bits and bobs for this window:)

Fully stocked shelves for my Sylvanian's everyday needs;)

This is where the missing sign should go:(

Can I take your order please?

The new Sylvanian Families Bakery is currently being renovated, but please pop back soon to see us open for business!

Sorry if the photos are a bit dull, the days are getting shorter and I kind of forget it would get dark so early!! I am sure I will be back shortly with more posts...especially since I have BIG plans for my Sylvanians this Christmas:)
I would love some feedback / suggestions so please feel free to comment below and follow me ^_^


  1. This bakery is so lovely! I can't wait the pictures of the furnished cottage upstairs! :) Will it be the home of the Brighteyes?

    1. Yes it shall be! Thank you, I have repainted the cottage and I plan on finishing the wallpaper today! Photos up soon, I promise:)

  2. About your Anaemia - try this:
    It's called the Lightning Process, it helped me with my Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain Syndrome, so maybe it could help you fully recover from your anaemia (it's meant to help anaemia too)
    Anonymous,(age 11, NZ)(recovered from CFS thanks to LP)
    PS I also luv sylvanian families! ;)Yours ROCK! (how did you get hold of the bakery!?)

    1. Thank you, I will check it out now! The bakery was brought second-hand from Thanks, Sylvanians Rule:)