Saturday, 4 February 2017

Orchard Cottage Renovation

Sorry to be gone for so long - my grandad sadly passed away and my Sylvanian room was being used to store his possessions so unfortunately I couldn't access my collection :(

It has all been cleared now so I can finally give my collection some love!

Something I have been working on for a while is the repaint and complete redecoration of Orchard Cottage. Currently I have only finished the upper room of the home, but I thought I would share some pictures!

 I didn't take any proper pictures of the inside but here is the cottage all taped up before the repaint!

And there is the cottage after the exterior repaint! So glad to see all the yellow gone.

To give an idea of what the interior looked like inside before, I found this picture of one on eBay:

I painted the ceiling white and then painted the beams "wood-textured". I also painted the floor the same colour. Makes it so much more traditional and quaint!

I wallpapered it in a faded-style Cath Kidston wallpaper and made new bedding for the bed as the original really didn't match the walls! 

Sylvanian Families Orchard Cottage Decoration

Sylvanian Families Orchard Cottage Decoration

The Tomy bathroom is just so cute - I love the fact that the toilet and bath are ceramic 

I am very happy with the end result! Now I just need to hurry up and finish the downstairs so a family can finally move in :)


  1. Hi Lily!
    First of all, sorry to hear about your grandad passsing away.
    Now, I´d like to congratulate you on the great job you´re doing with this cottage. The repainting of the outside looks fantastic but I´m speechless at how lovely looks the top floor.The wallpaper, the way you painted the ceiling, the bedding,that bathroom...everything fits so well! I wouldn´t mind having a bedroom like this in real life.
    I can´t wait to see how you decorate the ground floor!The family who moves into this cottage is going to be very lucky to have such a nice home.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy with how the upstairs came out that I am worried that the downstairs will not look as good :( I am thinking the Brighteyes Rabbits perhaps as they own the bakery and this building sits very nicely on top :)

  2. Lily, love your work. Makes me want to paint some of my sylvanian houses. The bedding matches your beautiful wallpaper just right. I can't wait to see who moves in.

    1. Thank you Melinda! I am thinking the Brighteyes Rabbits might move in as they own the bakery and this building sits very nicely on top of it :)

  3. Hello Lilly!
    I am sorry about the passing of your grandfather, it is always terrible to loose a loved one. But well done on this lovely cottage! I remember wanting to see this project finally finished! The top floor looks just stunning Lilly, your SF are very lucky to have such an amazing designer for their houses. I probably would like to live there myself.

    Now Lilly, I have recently celebrated my third year blogging (5 Jan 2014) and I would like to thank you for creating your blog since you were my inspiration to blog. I can still remember reading your stories at least ten times (I love the winter ones). Yes, without your blog, I probably would not have collected this much and most certainly not started blogging. Life is tough at times but blogging helps me express this. I am sorry for writing such a lot but I really want to thank you for inspiring me.
    Lots os love from New Zealand

    1. Hi Emily, this is such a kind comment, thank you so much for taking the time to post it :) It is so lovely to read things like this and helps me to get the motivation to carry on blogging! Love, Lily x

  4. Very sorry about your grandfather. That must have been difficult.

    I love what you've done with your cottage! It looks very warm and cosy. Great choices on the wallpaper, and I especially love how you painted the wooden beams.