Sunday, 13 May 2012

Handmade Rucksacks

These rucksacks are really simple to make! In fact, they only take less than half an hour each! I was at my friends' house the other day, helping her sort out her Sylvanians, when I found an old Tomy rucksack that was falling apart. I asked if I could borrow it so I could make my own, which she happily obliged to. I made a pattern, got out my sewing box and fabric and managed to make a bag!

To make this bag, you will need the following materials:
- Two colours of felt of your choice (the stiffer the better, I find)
- Thin elastic
- Fimo (polymer clay) to make a miniature button/a miniature button if you have one
- Cotton thread

First, print out this pattern and and pin it to the fabric. Alternatively, you could trace it on to grease-proof paper as I have. Then cut to size.

Next, fold the two sides together (the bottom two panels). Insert the elastic at the fold and pin into place. Use the dotted lines on the pattern as a guide as where to sew. Ensure you firmly sew off, as it has a tendency to come un-sewn when turning it inside out.

Turn the rucksac inside out, and then sew the middle of the elastic to the middle-top of the back of the rucksack.

Next, sew the handle to the top of the bag and sew the two 'buckles' on to the flap of the bag.

Finally, sew on the button on, and make a small snippet on the flap to create a button hole!

Sylvanian Families Rucksack

Above is the finished bag. The buckle on the left did not go very well, but I've used up all of today's patience so I'm not redoing it!!

Freddie Buckley & Isabella Hunter-Smyth are very happy with their new rucksacks! They even offered to model them for me! I made the pink one earlier, and I can see the blue one looks better. Considering I practically made these from scratch, with just a falling-to-pieces bag to base my design on, I think they look pretty good!

Making Fimo buttons:

Take a small piece of Fimo and roll into a very small ball. Place the ball on a flat surface, and gently apply pressure to create a button shape (should be no wider than about 4mm from one side to the other). Use a pin to make two button holes. Then place on a tray and put in the oven at 130 Celsius for 25 minutes (because they are so tiny they do not take very long). Wait for them to cool before removing them from the tray and sewing them on! It takes a little practise to make these, but as long as you have a fair amount of time and reasonable levels of patience, then anyone can do it!


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